Suara Rakyat Malaysia

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He worked there from to , when he was fired from Wellington due to some bad investment decisions.

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Suara Rakyat Malaysia or better known by its abbreviation SUARAM, (Malay for

Suaram is considered one of the leading human rights organisations in Malaysia. Suaram has often worked with these organisations on a minimal platform of co-operation on issues such as the abolishment of the Internal Security Act ISA and electoral reform. The secretariat in KL also publishes an annual report on the status of civil and political rights in Malaysia since We will always be on the side of victims of human rights violations, the poor and the oppressed, without fear or favour.

However, the most important source comes from private donations, local fund-raising events, sales of books and campaign merchandise. Funds are accepted strictly on the basis of non-interference of donors. Suaram was founded on 5 August by several Operation Lalang detainees, lawyers, as well as family members of these ISA detainees.

The aims and objectives were set forth in the founding statement, where the protection and promotion of human rights and the development of public awareness being the areas that needed to be addressed in Malaysia. The newly fledged organisation also organised a fund raising dinner on 9 September at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and sold its first publication: SUARAM officially moved into a permanent location in Petaling Jaya by April and formed a secretariat to plan and execute policies and plans of action.

A Human Rights education and training committee was also formed to help in the training of trainers for Human Rights and Development. Many aspects of the project, including the lack of consultation and secrecy, were raised by these NGOs. Fact finding missions were also organised by the Coalition and a report was issues in However, the conference was disrupted by members of Youth Wings from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, and activists and protesters from both sides were eventually arrested during the incident.

The branch in Johor Bahru has its own monitoring and documentation unit, a media unit, an issue response unit and a campaigning unit. He was just like any other child in that period; he was raised in a family affected by the Great Depression. He studied at a prestige colleges due to earned scholarships and in he graduated at the Princeton University where he got the degree in economics.

He was attending classes for mutual funds and took his graduate thesis on the same subject. That was the groundwork for his greatest accomplishment — index mutual fund. After graduating, he started working for Wellington Management as a financial advisor. He worked there from to , when he was fired from Wellington due to some bad investment decisions. He stayed in the company until after what he retired from the position of the chairman.

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