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In general, all three of the 6X exams are known to be trickier, as it tests how well you know the rules you are being tested on and their uses. The Series 86 has questions and a four hour time limit. I just got tired of seeing people asking all of these questions and thought it would be wiser to put some basic guide together that has enough information for people to use.

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I realize this is a little out of place for the thread but figured I'll give it a shot. The Series 24 as previously indicated is the General Securities Principal exam. Once you have passed it, you would be able to approve accounts, transactions, etc. The question I have that has been debated by colleagues is whether or not the 63 or 66 is a prerequisite requirement before you can act in a Principal capacity. They are not prerequisites to take the exam so I would suspect they are not required but it seems to me that you should have one of them before you would be eligible to be a Principal.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this? You forgot the fairly new Series 56, which is now required of all proprietary traders who do not have a series 7. I was planning on taking the series 65 exam. Take my advice and let sleeping dogs lie until you actually have a job on Wall Street and are required to take any of these exams.

You'll be better off. Question as it relates to this article. Popular Content See all. TR Resources See all. Upcoming Events See all. Recent Jobs See all. Now, on to the important stuff General Representation The Series 7 was the de rigueur standard of the day up until the introduction of the Investment Banking exam a few years ago, because almost everyone on the sell side had the Series 7 if they were on the sell-side.

The name of the law comes from the following quote: Log in or register to post comments. Members that upload a resume get 2. Jan 15, - 4: So, if I am an intern, do I have to take these exams? If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford. Jul 1, - 6: Private Equity Interview Questions. Jul 25, - 8: Jan 15, - 5: That would be why I asked Frieds Good overview thanks Frieds. Investment Bank Interview - Toughest Questions.

Jan 15, - 7: Jan 15, - 8: What nothing on the 24? Jan 15, - 9: Jan 15, - Sep 5, - 2: Also ignore this advice: Investment Banking Interview Questions. Sep 22, - 8: Patrick Bateman would eat Eddie Morra's lunch and probably his brains.

Jan 16, - 1: Jan 16, - 2: Great post, thanks for the info. Jan 16, - 3: Jan 16, - Oct 17, - 5: Jan 16, - 9: Aug 27, - 1: Frieds thanks - Silver bananas for you. Jan 24, - 2: Jan 16, - 4: Jan 16, - 5: Jan 16, - 8: Jan 18, - 9: Apr 23, - 7: Excel Model Templates and Training. Apr 23, - 3: Aug 20, - Best Modeling Courses - Finance Training. Aug 21, - 5: Oct 17, - 6: Jan 4, - I know this is an old thread but hopefully you can still help.

I say fuck change, I don't chase dimes. Jan 9, - 2: Mar 14, - 3: Dec 4, - 5: Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers. Jun 8, - Stumbled upon this old thread and hoping someone out there has advice for me.. Jun 8, - 4: Aug 23, - 9: Aug 24, - 9: You don't need 7 for You can take 66 first. Aug 25, - 4: Jan 23, - 8: Mar 22, - 4: Hedge Fund Pitch for Interviews.

Jul 18, - Thanks for the info.! Jul 18, - 3: Private Equity Case Interview Samples. Feb 24, - 8: Feb 26, - 9: Nov 9, - May 15, - For technology division, which exam does one need? Hedge Fund Pitch Template. May 31, - 9: Go Premium - Annual. For month-to-month click here. Courses - Mentor - Resume - Video.

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