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This verification process ensures that you are actively trading the account and not using someone's investor password.

All about FOREX

FXCM is a leading online forex trading and CFD broker. Sign up for a risk-free demo account and trade forex 24/5.

For best performance experience, please avoid running flash content in other browser tabs or browsers such as youtube videos. If you have noticed some missing history in one of your trading accounts, login to your trading account with your MetaTrader 4 platform, go to the "Account History" tab, right-click on the history, and select "All History":.

If no history data is added to your MetaTrader 4 history, your account's history was deleted by your broker and unfortunately we don't have a way of recovering the lost data. If history data was added to your MetaTrader 4 history, it will be added to your account's data at Myfxbook on the next update of your account. Since Oanda deletes from time to time account's history FxGame from their servers, you might notice the yield is different value than what you've come up with.

This happens because of the fact that yield factor relies on account deposits. If we couldn't locate a deposit in your account, our system uses the first balance found as a deposit. We have tested our website to be fully compatible under Firefox 3, Firefox 3. If you use a different web browser, we recommend switching to Firefox, it is freely available for download at: If you do use one of the browsers mentioned above, and still experiencing issues with the website's layout or functionality, use the "Report a bug" feature, or contact us using the contact page, and state the issue, and the browser you're using.

Please enter your email: Would you like to receive premium offers available to Myfxbook clients only to your email? You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time through the unsubscribe link in the email or in your settings area, 'Messages' tab. Once logged in, go to the widgets page at the bottom menu. The widgets are self updating, as soon as your account's trading activity is updated.

Please note, the associated account must be set to public before using this feature. Currently there are 4 different widgets; mini, small, medium, and large: Mini Small Medium Large. Your portfolio is accessible only by you, with your login details. The portfolio has no privacy permissions, as it is your own account. The URL for your system page is shown at the bottom of your portfolio, when viewing a system. Since performance can be easily manipulated with MetaTrader accounts, we have created an automatic verification system.

The verification system will automatically check and eliminate any discrepancies, restore missing data, and recalculate your account. This is done simply by supplying us with your MetaTrader investor password Note: This is a read-only password to your account! Trades which were deleted by your broker cannot be verified, so other metrics such as profit, balance, deposits and more are used to verify your account.

If you're not sure to which server your platform connects, just go to the login panel in your MetaTrader: If your server is not in the server list, please let us know.

In the account settings form in Myfxbook, you can select the server and input your investor password: Please allow up to 2 hours for your account to be verified - if not verified within the stated time frame and you have double checked your investor password to be correct, please contact us.

If successful, you'll notice your system will change its status from non-verified to verified: Also note, that your system will not be shown in the systems page until it is verified! Since users can publish an account which is not theirs using the investor password, another verification system is used.

In your account settings form, you can find in the verification section an "Authorization Password": This step requires you to provide us with the investor password! Open a pending order in your account with the key as the comment of the order. Use price that is not likely to be encountered so the order won't be triggered. You can safely cancel the order once the trading privileges are verified.

After placing the order, make sure it appears in your open orders list: Notifications will be sent to you by us or automatically by our system. Notifications can be regarding your account status, Myfxbook updates, subscribed topics or any other important information we feel you should know, so please check them regularly. The notification window will be hidden once all of the notifications are deleted, and will appear again when a new notification is received.

In order to stay up to date with the markets, we've created a markets widget, showing you in real time the status of the most important markets in the world. Top market news are provided for you for a quick glance at breaking news headlines. Clicking on a headline will open the full story.

Current news provider is FXstreet. Economic calendar is shown in order to stay up to date with scheduled economic events. The calendar counts down in real time the time left to an event, and will notify you 1 minute before the event by blinking.

Please note the information provided is obtained or compiled from sources believed to be reliable, however it is not guaranteed and you use it at your own risk.

We provide this information "as is", and make no representations or warranties of any kind to the accuracy of the information provided. Data is subject to change without prior notice. As the title suggests, it shows the recent topics discussed by our community. Stay informed of current hot topics. In the "My Accounts" tab, quickly check your system's progress, and see if anyone is discussing it. In the "watched" tab, you can see the progress and changes in gains of accounts you're watching.

To add a system to your watch, simply go to the system's page, and click on the "Watch" link above the chart. Two methods are used to calculate performance: Using an absolute method, this method measures the dollar profit, without taking into account the time line of the deposits or withdrawals.

There are two charts to observe the progress of a trading system - a growth chart and a balance chart. The balance chart shows every change in the balance value of the account.

Z-Score negative - dependence is positive. Z-Score positive - dependence is negative. Positive dependence - a profit will be followed by a profit and a loss by a loss.

Negative dependence - a loss will be followed by a profit and a profit by a loss. And how certain can we be that it will happen? This is the percentage that is shown to you in your system's z-score value.

In such case you would want to miss a trade after a profit and take a trade after a loss to maximize profits and minimize losses. This ratio shows you the average return you get for a winning trade versus a losing one Average Winner: The ratio shows the average holding period for each currency, divided to long and short positions, per selected month.

Combine it with the risk ratios and the average holding time to decide with which pairs you should trade more and with which less, in order to maximize gains and minimize losses. You have two possibilities to select a time frame: Use the quick access buttons, and select the last day, week, month, 6 months, or a year.

Use the custom date selection, and specifically state the analysis period: To filter by magic number, tick the magic numbers This option is available only if using the Myfxbook EA. Once magics are selected, our systems will analyze each magic and chart it's progress on the chart: Analysis will be done in real time.

You can set the magic's names and colors in the corresponding account's settings: If you would like to publish a custom period of your account, just click on the pin icon to save the start date: Once set, it will be the default start date of your system, and will simulate the growth as if you started trading at the selected date All statistics will be recalculated, including the widgets.

Please note, due to transparency issues, prior dates are not hidden from the user in your public system page; moreover, if you use this feature, your public system page will include a disclaimer at the top to let others know that you"re using a custom start date: You can also save the default magics to show in your charts by clicking on the pin icon in the magics list The cumulative growth of selected magics will not be saved!

To create a discussion on your own system, your system must be set as public. In order to create a discussion on a system, go to the system page or to your portfolio in case it's your system , above the system's chart you will see a "Discuss" link, as shown below: Just click on the edit link, and edit away! Once received, you'll notice a "Vouch" button under each user name; once clicked you will see: Rating consists of 4 factors: Rating a broker takes less than a minute, and it's anonymous.

To find a system by its parameters, click on the "Systems" button on the top menu, and specify your criteria. To find a system by its name, write its name in the search box located in the menu. After the search has completed, go to the "Systems" tab in the search results page. Please note, only public and verified systems are listed on the systems page.

In your "Accounts" tab in the settings area, you will find all of your added systems. You can see their statuses as to whether they're active; you can delete systems or add new ones. Each system can have its own set of privacy settings. For correct assessment, paying attention to their direction is the key.

Conversely, if they point downward, a bearish trend is incoming. Typically, this is seen in three instances: It was intended to be merged with the CFA Franc i. Mirror Trader offers unique features to follow and copy other traders.

Some examples of trades BillionairFX: When the name but not the idea of a GCC common currency was rejected by the IMF due to being a rather unfamiliar term even for some Arabs, dinar was considered a substitute; for one, dinar is a used word in the Arab world and for another, dinar is included in the Quran.

There were speculations about it being a currency that was intended to be backed by gold; this is brought about by the strong opposition, headed by the Islamic economic jurisprudence, against riba i. Chief members of the GCC stated that it was proposed to be associated to the US dollar; for a currency trader, it is an attractive investment.

Among the signals that its official adoption is underway are: Granted official adoption, it becomes the only legal tender in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia; although they are GCC members, United Arab Emirates and Oman have announced that they will not adopt the common currency. Its conception was first discussed by the Multi-lateral Surveillance Commission of ECOWAS under the authority of Lasssane Kabore; since the department head expressed dismay over the average inflation rates of all African currencies as a whole, he, along with his committee, made it a goal to establish a common currency.