Spot Forex vs Futures Market Trading

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Keep that in mind as well. The leverage is better with the spot forex market than it is with a futures market in general, although that can vary. Leverage can be a good thing. It can be a bad thing.

Basically, the more leverage you have, the more money you can potentially make with a smaller account. But on the flip side, the more money you can lose with smaller size account as well. However, I will say that the advantages of the spot forex market, especially for beginners, is that you are able to trade many lots micro lots and what that allows you to do is to trade with a smaller trading account. Well, if you trade the futures market, then you have to commit more money than you would in the spot forex market with a micro lot or many lot.

So kind of cool that you can trade these platforms to market with less money to help you ease into the psychology of having to trade with real money.

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