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Trader's Way Trader’s Way was established by a group of financial market professionals dedicated to spreading the values of free, limitless trading globally. We provide our clients with the widest opportunities available on financial markets.

Besides it trading conditions are poor. So think a little bit about it! I in many place trading currency also metal sometime energy. We have developed our partnership program in line with the core principles that underpin our business — maximum opportunities for free trading activity for each of our partners. Trading in itself is a freelance way of earning money.


I am a trader from the US and have been researching brokers outside the US due to limitations with US brokers. I must say I have seen mixed reviews about this broker and still haven't decided on opening an account with them.

Under one broker, without losing time, you can find everything to trade the way you like, without boundaries and limits. Trading in itself is a freelance way of earning money. You can choose any financial market or all from the wide range we offer access to. You can trade currencies and stocks, energies, metals or commodities using the most famous and user-friendly MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

Mobile Trader available for all trading platforms also allows to work without location and time limits, on the go, providing access to trading accounts from mobile devices. You are free to choose the account type you like — with fixed or variable spreads, starting with low risk minimum deposits or directly on the interbank market, trading huge sums, with minimum spreads and fast order execution.

We ensure transparent and customer-oriented trading the way you required. High accuracy in prices, no restriction on trades, even on accounts with minimum deposits, and a wide choice of trading opportunities is the pillar of our business activity. A crucial issue for every investor is the safety of their funds. You need to be sure that your financial services provider will pay you your money and profits in full and in a timely manner.

At Trader's Way we are always interested in reinforcing our team with professional new employees. If you are confident, not afraid of hard work, open to new challenges and driven to create, then you are welcome to join our team.

We have developed our partnership program in line with the core principles that underpin our business — maximum opportunities for free trading activity for each of our partners. Here you can find most frequent questions and answers regarding our products and services:.

Please note that foregin exchange and other leveraged trading involves significant risk of loss. Your pretty much limited to posting a bad review about your experience and there seems to be plenty of those out there about this broker and yet people continue to join and trade yet it is difficult to find many reviews about with withdraw experience except for the one with poor grammar.

As for me, I'm still searching for a broker with legit feedback. I found them only two month ago - this is the ONLY reason why not trading with them earlier. Bank card withdraw took 14 days. Some issues with servers. The deposit with bank card goes to some place in China. Started trading forex with an offshore broker. Stayed away from Forex for years. Just recently something told me to try Forex again. Very agressive trading a demo account of course. I lost a few hundred being stupid.

But with all that said Tradersway so far is a market scalpers dream! I don't know how this broker get such high rating, because it's average offshore company with minimum reliability.

Besides it trading conditions are poor. Fixed spreads and cent accounts mean that Roboforex is a market maker. So think a little bit about it! I advise you to choose true STP brokers with solid license.

If you don't know what broker to choose, I will help you. Just add me in skype - vovkfx. I am trade in currency also other instrumentation for last two year. I am check this platform and am impress with what they in offer here. Good interface, good quote, not much slippage, low in spread, very very fast in executing, good place in for trade for all trader type. Advanced functionality, multiple apps, mobile access, just what all traders need..

I am in here so I am thinking of checking this place after reading good thing about this place. It is all good all news is correct also mobile trading in here along with ea is good news in all trader for order. Good place to trading. When it comes to trading, the one thing we traders need are accurate quotes and the other, instant execution. Would def recommend, yeah. Trading on this platform sure makes it all seem so darned easy — from spreads that go as low as zero — NOT kidding to advanced charting tools that makes it easy to analyze the market.

Registration took a while but after that, this was like a traders nirvana — spot on quotes, direct access to the interbank market with low entry deposits, and of course, the mobile access.

Yup, you lot need to check this one out, pipwise.. I like in trade in money and using many other platform and now I am joining in here this place too. Least slippage also fast and immediately getting all order done in here is some feature here. Also this place has some nice people ready in here to help all new trader and they give copy trading too. Yes, good place in trade I agree. I in here in learn also I hearing platform is giving me also other new trader lessons. Also I use copy trading too.

Platform is good, rate is good also I see they allow you in running ea and thing like that. People here in helping me lot, I like it. Frankly, this platform is what every trader needs, instant execution, streamlined precise quotes, and some of the tightest spreads seen yet on any pair, recommend definitely. I in many place trading currency also metal sometime energy. So I check this platform and they in here offer all.