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Lessons for the Living: Most are in the form of newspaper headlines The unlikely romance between a death-obsessed year-old named Harold Bud Cort and a life-loving year-old widow named Maude Ruth Gordon , who meet at a funeral--a strange, quirky, disarming, often funny, ultimately life-affirming film that went from box-office flop to cult classic in the s. Bloomfield, and Melba Colgrove.

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EMIS Health, formerly known as Egton Medical Information Systems, supplies electronic patient record systems and software used in primary care in England. The company is based in fossmovies.cf claims that more than half of GP practices across the UK use EMIS software. EMIS Group, which includes Egton Medical Information Systems Limited, also comprises.

With architectures like services and transport VPC, policy driven VPN connectivity simplifies the setup process, enforce network segmentation and extending the global reach. Term "telecom-grade" is often used to describe high-end systems that provide extreme reliability and availability.

Learn how Weaveworks monitors clusters of containers at scale using a highly available, multi-tenant system built on AWS. You'll hear how they handle each deployment: We'll cover why they chose to rewrite, why they picked such an ambitious request time, and how they rebuilt with ECS, Kinesis, Lambda and DynamoDB to achieve their user experience goals. With a clever caching approach, their architecture enables everyone from CEOs to data analysts to deliver interactive dashboards backed by billions of rows of data at the speed of today's business.

Scott from Dow Jones talks about their Jenkins based automated deployment pipeline setup across multiple AWS accounts. With master-slave based Jenkins setup, Scott's team is able to roll their infrastructure and changes in AWS in a secure, auditable, consistent and scripted fashion, while controlling security and access from a single account.

Richard from Symantec talks about their solution for deploying software updates across multiple accounts and multiple regions. This architecture allows for several Symantec products to ship updates into fully baked immutable AMIs in all their target environments simultaneously. They've also made this available as open source!

We'll talk about how you can aggregate lots of data from a ton of different sources, like in home riders vs in studio, and how you can sort and use all that data to power advanced metrics. Many batch workloads don't need to be persistent. You'll learn about semantics-based reasoning and formal verification techniques, and how we use these at AWS to improve and automate security, both internally and for customers.

Regulated workloads need more than rock solid security to be compliant. In this episode of This is my Architecture, Adam from CMD Solutions and Mat from nib health funds talk us through a clever way to use Step Functions to automatically spin up as well tear down security posture. Robert from F5 talks about their WAF solution and how they have made the transition from an on-premises device to an auto-scaled virtual appliance on AWS.

Ron describes how the architecture of Informatica allows customers to achieve the best possible data load and query performance, while protecting sensitive personally identifiable information PII through advanced data masking techniques. How do you enable hundreds of internal users to access SaaS products on the Internet whilst implementing security policies and protecting traffic from malicious threats? How can serverless computing be used to tackle the challenge of processing genomes at scale to help cancer research?

CSIRO has created a workflow that is fast, scalable and efficient to help scientists find answers faster and on-demand. How can enterprises deploy more quickly and reliably? Ajilon has created a pipleline that can get code, patches and even rebaselined OSs into production in just minutes - whenever they want! An immutable Jenkins build pipeline using Amazon S3 and Artifactory. A scalable and low-cost approach to deploying customer pipelines. On this episode of This Is My Architecture Thomas from Youi Insurance walks us through their serverless mobile telemetry platform that analyses customers' data from their mobile app, and uses this data to lower insurance premiums.

This simplified management and lowered costs. Knowing where to start with decomposing monolithic applications isn't always so obvious. Sometimes clusters need to scale up as well as scale out. In this episode of This Is My Architecture Ben from Instaclustr describes a pattern to upsize Cassandra clusters transparently and non-disruptively to users. Modern banking needs to be agile, scalable and provide real-time insights. Watch how Scale put Core Banking in the cloud and provide real-time insights to stakeholders.

Deploying code changes into production up to 24 times a day can be difficult. In this episode of This Is My Architecture, see how Elliott from GorillaStack manages and deploys code changes into multiple environments using distributed, secure and scalable code deployment architecture.

On this episode of This Is My Architecture Sam from Channel 7 describes the architecture that supported live video streaming of the Australian Open to millions of viewers and how it was done in a scalable and reliable manner using AWS Elemental and CloudFront.

When breaking up an application into microservices, how do you do it fast and reliably? Siemens built Product Intelligence software-as-a-service, to help their customers gain insight from both product and value chain data. Machine Learning models running on Spark EMR clusters crunch customer's data to provide predictive analytics on what might happen and then customers use that information to design and build better products.

How do you classify ads, photos and match sellers to buyers better? Well perhaps AI can help! Hear how Airtasker combined multiple AI services to create "Carl" who learned everything he knows from Wikipedia. How can you update a highly visited website across multiple regions without downtime or content "misses"? REA have created a process to do this reliably, and at massive scale with billions of objects.

On this episode of This Is My Architecture Troy from Xero describes how they safely store petabytes of customer accounting data with their multi-region SQL Server architecture and also how Xero effectively manages this fleet that includes over EC2 instances. He will also explain how to keep this data segregated for your access control and compliance requirements. Learn how they reduced the time from event to actionable data by over 10X!

Getting the best performance at the best price is a snap, with NetApp. Atlas is MongoDB's database as a service. Learn how they leverage AWS to provide a scalable, available and secure service to thousands of customers across the globe.

We also discuss how detailed monitoring, automatic backups, no-downtime patching, and push-button scaling work at this scale. Encirca Services by DuPont Pioneer partners with farmers in the field to help them deliver optimal crop yields. Watch and learn how they built a cloud based collaborative platform for farmers, leveraging AWS Step Functions, Amazon Elasticache, EC2 Spot Fleet and more to simulate crop growth and manage soil nitrogen levels.

Alex Magnay from Hentsu explains how they use AWS HPC capabilities to run Matlab workloads for financial modelling, and how AWS enables them to dynamically tune and configure each experiment so that they always get the best configuration for the job.

Building modern microservices in the cloud can be a challenge when your system of record is a relational database that is still on-premises on an IBM mainframe. In this video, Barry P. Jeremy from Gigamon walks us through the architecture behind their scalable network traffic visibility platform. Monzo explain how they are building a new bank from the ground up using multiple AWS accounts to maintain control and flexibility while remaining safe. Imagine you are a race car driver in the Daytona You see smoke and spinning cars ahead.

The yellow flag flies. Stay in the race? Their cloud-based modeling and analytics systems crunch a real time stream of race data, helping choose that moment's best decision out of all possible decisions.

Welcome to racing in the cloud! Travelex presents how they built a FCA compliant end-to-end online payment service through a microservices architecture. Share this YouTube video. Palringo presents how they refreshed their architecture with microservices that support 50 million signed up users and over 1K requests at peak time.

They use Kinesis Analytics to get real-time insights on this data to improve their customer experience. In this video, Adam from Cloudreach explains how Sceptre uses AWS CloudFormation to allow customers to create and manage their application environments.

Ocado share their approach to building secure, loosely coupled microservices. They created a self-service portal for development teams and provide standard template resources for each microservice, including Route 53 records, Key Management Service keys, Elastic Beanstalk environment, DynamoDB tables, Identity and Access Management roles.

BBC present their iPlayer solution that uses Amazon S3, taking as input content from the broadcast chain, adds broadcast time series data and publishes formatted content files for access by end users. BusyBot helps trainline users find an available seat on the train. It provides you with access to your data anytime and anywhere with no downtime and no disruption. We'll discuss using WANdisco for hybrid data storage, to replicate and reconcile data on-premise with data in the cloud.

View the architecture diagram. Jon from Snowflake provides detail on how Snowflake designed their data warehouse as a service solution for high-performance analytic customer workloads.

The solution includes service management and data processing layers that use Amazon EC2 and a scalable data storage layer based on Amazon S3. In this episode of This is My Architecture, David Giffin, VP of Technology at TrueCar, describes how they build modular, ephemeral "Space Pods" to give every developer a personal environment at any tier of the application. They also use HashiCorp's Vault to store their secrets. Not only that, but it's mostly serverless, too! Thomson Reuters shares how they built Product Insight, a multi-tenant web usage analytics platform that processes up to 1, events per second.

The solution provides both real-time analysis and long-term data storage capabilities. To efficiently backup databases with multiple schemas and millions of rows, Apps Associates developed a system that uses many parallelized tasks. This solution also allows businesses to offload some of their reporting to the cloud, leveraging database backups on AWS for read-only workloads. Lemongrass introduces a new feature for their MiCloud offering, which delivers fast, automated system copy for customers' SAP environments.

Compared to a traditional on-premise solution, this feature has reduced the OS and DB level copy time from 1 day to 15 minutes; system size dependent. In this episode of This is My Architecture, Suresh Ramaswamy, Senior Director of Engineering at Qubole, shows how they built a big data self-service platform on AWS, designed for heterogeneous, distributed processing of petabytes of data. With an adaptable architecture, customers can choose the right big data processing engines, instances types, and EC2 Spot Fleet instances to meet their needs.

In this episode of This is My Architecture, Michael Ducy from Chef shows how Habitat can help you automate configuration of your containers. With Habitat, configurations and secrets are moved out of environmental variables into a dynamic orchestration system.

You can quickly adapt configurations based on changing business needs or emerging threats, and Habitat does the rest. I would call it a long series of poems, sons' voice, father's voice about death of his wife , and Crow's voice grief. Living with the Death of a Child.

Redfern and Gilbert reflect on their own experiences and tell the stories of 22 other parents whose children died at various ages and from various causes, from disease and accidents to suicide and terrorism.

Organized in sections that mirror the stages of grief, from immediate reactions, seeking support, effects on family life and relationships, to integrating the loss into one's life and maintaining connections with a loved one. A Memoir of Living and Dying. See also Before I go: Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt, which E. Written with such restraint as to be both heartbreaking and instructive.

Absorbing and delightfully informative account of what to expect from our gradually failing bodies, as we move from birth to old age and death. Surprisingly, not depressing--maybe because information feels like power.

The Grace in Dying: Lessons from the Dying. Reflections, exercises, and stories of the dying from a monk who became a hospice social worker, with long experience of practical compassion.

A Time to Grieve: A congregation that had once been patient and kind during a reverend's grief now questions his leadership and propriety. The Woman at the Washington Zoo: The Art of Losing: Ray Moynihan, produced by Cochrane Australia and co-published with the BMJ In particular, try this one interesting backstory on Cochran Collaborative New is not always better; more is not always better; and so on.

Children's picture books about death and loss Many libraries will have these or you can order them online. If you order from Amazon after clicking on a link here, Amazon pays a small fee that helps subsidize the cost of maintaining this website. Writing prompts get them talking and writing and capturing memories. But Death does arrive all the same, as it must. He comes gently, naturally. And he comes with enough time to share a story with the children that helps them to realize the value of loss to life and the importance of being able to say goodbye.

A series of poems, with etchings by artist Grant Silverstein. In an unusual yet warm story, a duck strikes up an unlikely friendship with Death.

As the seasons pass, Freddie changes color from green to red to brown before he falls off in the winter, teaching kids that death is part of the cycle of life. The Flat Rabbit treats the concept of impermanence with a sense of compassion and gentle humor — and a note of practicality. Bergren, illustrated by Laura J. We can hide, we can place our heart in a bottle and grow up. But what happens to the people left behind after the detectives close the case?

Three stories about children trying to figure out how to live normally after their parents have died. One of them is a book: A First Look At Death by Pat Thomas illustrations by Leslie Harker ages 4 to 10 This book helps boys and girls understand that death is a natural complement to life, and that grief and a sense of loss are normal feelings for them to have following a loved one's death. And about living in between. With large, wonderful illustrations, it tells about plants.

It tells that dying is as much a part of living as being born Season after season, Little Tree clings to his brown-leaved self until he can take a leap and shed his protection. An award-winning children's book about coping with the loss of a loved one.

The illustrations of a family of owls, including a young owl who misses his deceased grandfather, complement the poetic verses about the timeless quality of love itself. Together Lew and his mother learn that remembering Grandpa together is less lonely than each remembering him alone. Given its graceful treatment of a difficult subject, it has been a parental staple ever since, and a new generations of readers will be glad to discover this timeless tale in a lovely new edition. Stories of Creative Survival Among Bereaved Children and Teenagers young adult A moving and eloquent chronicle of eleven children, ranging from toddlers to teenagers, who have lost family or friends shows how drawing, music, and other rituals can help the grieving process, offering creative strategies for dealing with loss.

Readers' comments suggest that this short book works with adults, too. I was very sad. My mother said we could have a funeral for him, and I should think of ten good things about Barney so I could tell them Later, while talking with his father, he discovers the tenth -- and begins to understand.

Two Nursery Rhymes with Pictures by Maurice Sendak ages 4 to 8 "Sendak is back, bolder than ever, as he looks out to the problems of today's world. He combines two little-known and unrelated nursery rhymes, taking advantage of their absence of story to interpret them with a wealth of detail and social commentary.

In so doing, his visual images invite readers to become co-conspirators in the creation of the tale. From the dust jacket's ragged and newspaper-wrapped children, depicted within a monstrous mouth that readers will discover is the moon, to the very last page, one must search for clues to bring meaning to the enigmatic text. Most are in the form of newspaper headlines Overall, the images refer to poverty, war, crime, pollution, famine, inflation, AIDS, unemployment, and other current evils.

The illustrations themselves are not frightening, but they remind readers of horrific things in the real world We Are All in the Dumps will lead to discussion, speculation, and a variety of interpretations, all of which are appropriate for this type of allegory.

This headline says it all: Created at the piercing pinnacle of the AIDS plague and amid an epidemic of homelessness, it is a highly symbolic, sensitive tale that reads almost like a cry for mercy, for light, for resurrection of the human spirit at a time of incomprehensible heartbreak and grimness. It is, above all, a living monument to hope — one built not on the denial of hopelessness but on its delicate demolition. A Child's Guide to Good Grief by Victoria Ryan, illustrated by R W Alley ages 8 to 12 Explaining what happens from a child's-eye view, the elves depict the difficult days before, after, and beyond a grandparent's death.

They explore the meaning of death and heaven, as well as how to stay close in spirit with a grandparent who has died. This well-put-together documentary profiles seven New York City women in their 60s through their 90s, whose snappy style decidedly disproves the notion that advanced years and glamour are mutually exclusive.

After year-old Adaline recovers from a nearly lethal accident, she inexplicably stops growing older. As the years stretch on and on, Adaline keeps her secret to herself -- till she meets a man who changes her life.

But upon arrival, they discover the once-lavish resort has wilted considerably. David Fincher directs this Oscar-nominated tale of Benjamin Button -- a man who was born old and wrinkled but grows younger as the years go by -- with a screenplay adapted from a short story by F. Since , director Michael Apted has documented the fates of a group of Britons, questioning them every seven years about their lives and beliefs. Apted's subjects are now 56 years old, and provide perspectives that are frequently surprising.

Hounded by his mother to get out and date, death-obsessed teen Harold would rather attend funerals. But when he meets the feisty Maude, a geriatric widow who's high on life, they form a bond that turns into an unconventional romance. Ripping a page from John Steinbeck's novel Travels with Charley , this bittersweet comedy follows an old codger named Harry as he takes a cross-country trip with his cat, Tonto, as a companion.

Follow Roger Ebert from his school newspaper days to his status as America's premier film critic in this documentary drawn from his memoir. The film covers his rivalry with fellow critic Gene Siskel, his alcoholism and his personal philosophies. Tensions rise and diva drama erupts -- will personal problems prevent the show from going on?

Carrying the scars of an abusive childhood, Savage siblings Wendy Laura Linney, in an Oscar-nominated role and Jon Philip Seymour Hoffman -- a long-aspiring playwright and a drama professor, respectively -- now face the challenge of caring for their ailing father Philip Bosco.

Written and directed by Tamara Jenkins, this insightful indie drama explores the depth of one family's emotional disconnect. When a bus filled with eight elderly women breaks down in the wilderness, the group of strangers is stranded at a deserted farmhouse with only their wits, their memories and eventually some roasted frogs' legs to sustain them.

For several days, the women share their life stories and intimate thoughts. Director Cynthia Scott directs these nonprofessional actors delivering largely improvised dialogue to heartwarming effect. An elderly couple in post-World War II Japan travel to Tokyo to visit their children but are received rather coldly by their offspring. In fact, the only person happy to see them is their widowed daughter-in-law. After a lifetime of dreaming about traveling the world, year-old homebody Carl flies away on an unbelievable adventure with Russell, an 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer, unexpectedly in tow.

Director Richard Linklater's animated film: A man shuffles through a dream meeting various people and discussing the meanings and purposes of the universe. Aging physician Isak Borg, begins to reflect on his life while en route to to receive an honorary degree.

Along the way, a string of encounters causes him to experience hallucinations that expose his darkest fears, and he realizes that the choices he's made have rendered a life devoid of meaning.

With One Voice illuminates the unity of humanity through the single message and mystical tradition that binds all faiths together.

When a stoic government official Takashi Shimura in post-war Japan learns he has terminal cancer, he suddenly realizes he's squandered his life on meaningless red tape and has no close family or friendships to lean on, in this drama from director Akira Kurosawa. Resolving to use his remaining time wisely, he sets out to steer a children's playground project through the bureaucracy he knows so well. I would simply link to his newsletter, but it is not available online.

You can also rent the movies from Netflix, among other options for example, many libraries have good video collections. In the days between whatever killed them and the moment they're buried, characters in this movie are no longer alive but can still move and communicate -- only with the character played by Liam Neeson.

This film got mixed reviews. Over the next three days, they will help the dead sift through their memories to find the one defining moment of their lives. The chosen moment will be re-created on film and taken with them when the dead pass on to heaven. This grave, beautifully crafted film reveals the surprising and ambiguous consequences of human recollection.

As a bonus, the hero of this lovable Swedish film is played by Michael Nyqvist, co-star of the movies based on the Stieg Larsson "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy. Set in Montreal, a man on his death bed invites friends and family, including a son from whom he is estranged. Retrieved 30 November Retrieved 22 April NHS official demands details of millions of confidential appointments".

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