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Just a quick note, I tried adding comment numbering and found that in doing so it was overriding the Gravatar placement. I wasn’t able to get both showing (I think this is a theme limitation of only being able to display one thing beside each individual comment.

The reason I ask is because your layout seems dif…. Down to level 6 or 7, it hardly pays anything at all, it will only cover your own monthly fee plus some peanuts. I lately noticed your site and I certainly take pleasure in it. Make sure you preserve us up to date like this.


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This is a fixed statistical number. Mar 17th, at 1: If you really think one website can ruin a MLM, you need an attitude adjustment. Mar 17th, at 7: Almost every MLM has a disclaimer that tells the prospects to do their due dilligence. Still they are mad about sites like BehindMLM that actually do this work for them just for free. However, I can only speak for myself and my blog, and it has certainly had influence on the reputation of the companies Wealth Masters International and Carbon Copy Pro.

The reason why I created my blog was the extreme amount of garbage posted everywhere about these companies, and my blog appearantly drowned in this ocean of deceit.

However, it caused enough attention from both journalists and authorities, and now the companies are in serious trouble. However, I have several times asked for information about the company and every time they have served lies that have been very easy to reveal.

One example is the claim that the average annual income for WMI representatives is 1. Pretty stupid as the Norwegian top consultant Per Gunnar Hoem has denied such an income for himself. Still he seems to tell his new prospects face to face that he earns Every term he was mad about has been documented very clearly to him, and after then I have not heard from him.

This is probably the reason that CCP has not contacted me yet. Instead they are treathening OZ for a comment citing my blog. If these companies were solid, ethical and making success for their representatives there is no way that my single blog could ruin the reputation of these companies.

The main reason is that my blog is based on proven facts, and these websites were based on lies and deception that could easily be revealed like people claiming to be successful internet marketers one week after signing up with the company. Giving a business a chance in this branch does not mean joining them by paying hundreds or thousands of dollars and eventually find out if it worked or not.

According to you, if these lazy people with the wrong mindset were filtered out in the application process for all MLM companies, the success rate in MLM would explode. This is not going to happen. There must always be hundreds or thousands of loosers in every non-retail scheme to produce one millionaire.

Mar 20th, at 5: I have no idea what you are talking about. Most of these companies have to pass through their state Atty. The work from home deals where they want you to open a bank account and deposit checks then send one of your own to them, only to find their checks were bogus-THOSE are scams.

You are in a foreign country and do not know how difficult it is for companies to even get off the ground. They have legal teams and if they screw up the Atty. General will shut them down. But there are NO guarantees. I just think you have been unfair to a few people I see on your site and should have a way to find out the truth and if they person shows you some proof of what they say you should remove the offending report.

It would make you seem very fair and give you a lot better PR. Mar 20th, at 8: If you are an average MLM representative there is a guarantee that you will loose money. The online business opportunities that can not be considered as MLM, are gifting schemes, ponzi schemes, affiliate scams and classical pyramid schemes without any product.

These scams pop up everywhere, new ones each day, and actually only a few of them ever succeed scamming a considerable amount of people.

I can again verify that no WMI og CCP member has been able to point out anything wrong in my blog, they just say it is full of lies without bringing any documentation of it. The reason is simple, I have the proofs, they have nothing to show and they stay away to avoid even more embarassing stories.

I have even asked their lawyer for documentation, but he has not even replied to my e-mail. As the Norwegian authorities have confirmed that WMI is a illegal pyramid schemes, what is still missing to make you believe this MLM company is a scam? If the truth is bad PR for these companies, it is not correct to hide the truth just to seem fair.

It is interesting what you write about what good MLM companies tell new people. If most MLM companies are good companies, why is it then so difficult to find them? Mar 21st, at 7: Kubassek has no doubts about how successful you will be with CCP: Read the rest of the BS here: If you work with online PR and you are the manager of International Association of Home Business Opportunities, why does the homepage look like this: Mar 22nd, at A fair chunk of my research time is sifting through the marketing crap that MLM distributors love to market with;.

Mar 24th, at 1: Actually, most of those companies do not have to pass through their state Atty. Mar 25th, at 1: Chris Molinari — Oh, please.

I had to file one just now. Nobody looks at the stuff until someone wants to research you. Aug 7th, at 3: Aug 7th, at Sep 3rd, at 3: You have an interesting About section since it has no information about your background or even your name and what qualifies you to comment on the MLM industry.

Sep 3rd, at 8: Sep 3rd, at Woah, careful there ozsoabox you show yourself to be a true idiot. I am afraid if you chose to comment on any subject as an authority which is what you do with your domain behindmlm you hold yourself out to be an authority. Sorry I am not seeing any authority you have actually cited. My degree in psychology has nothing to do with my expertise in this industry.

I take real exception to all the internet junk that is generated just to get traffic such as your website. What qualifications do you have for MLM, where did you get them?

Information is taken directly from the companies I write about or as close to as possible. Attempting to discredit the information here based on who I am and my experience is thus pointless.

Sep 3rd, at 1: If you want to attack his opinion, attack his opinion and his evidence backing his opinion, not his qualifications. Sep 3rd, at 2: Marc — clarification, if he is using his qualifications to support his opinion, then yes, you may attack his qualifications. However, he is NOT doing so. Thus, you also qualify for intellectually dishonest debate tactic badge 4 and 5. YOU, on the other hand, claims qualifications as if that explains everything.

Based on your debate tactics demonstrated thus far, I have some doubts on your qualifications, on what they actually mean not their validity. Very interesting MLM to say the least. The main appeal is obviously the income potential and it seems that an average rep can get to the bigger dollars much quicker than in a traditional MLM. The TVI Express entry into the market has caused an un-level playing field and as a result has drawn fire from many in the MLM industry claiming it is not a legit deal.

I can only smile as I remember an attorney general from some state on TV claiming that one of my previous MLM companies was a pyramid scam and then ten years later the company was publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange. Its funny how quickly perceptions can change. In all fairness to this review, I have to say it does look to good to be true but that does not mean its not. TVI Express has an actual product that has value and they pay their commissions.

It will be most interesting to watch where TVI Express goes in the future. Your credibility just evaporated. Sep 3rd, at 5: Sep 5th, at 9: That and it kills the notion of anyone can succeed in MLM. Nobody with a job that enables them to afford products, services or membership that costs thousands of dollars is going to purchase from someone with literally no money in the bank. I guess even nofollow comment links help in the eyes of some website owners.

Sep 7th, at 1: You Oz have never been in an MLM compnay. YOu have jsut decided to become the font of all knowledge on MLM companies.

But really you are just here to put all MLM companies down: So you cna tbe sued for defamation. Sure he did, how else did I find out about them? And Mark very much presented his time in the industry as a certifiable qualification that trumps all else.

Despite the obviousness that he was only here to promote his latest companies. Neither have a lot of people looking at MLM companies, are their opinions and concerns any less valid? Now now, a lot of work and research goes into the information presented here. At least give me a little credit. This information is in the public domain and is verifiable by anyone with an internet connection. As for the second two, lol… ad-hominen accusations.

This was after he stomped about on here claiming to be living the life and driving his lamborghini about. In order to be sued for defamation something has to be published that is false. By all means challenge any of the information presented here. My own research is obviously not infallible but I do the best I can when researching an opportunity — corrections are welcome.

The main reason for this and you already know this, as it frustrates you to no end and has done so for nearly three years now , is that it detracts from the information presented here. My details in shape or form alter or have an impact on any of the information presented here. In the interests of professionalism and keeping this site of interest there is no point in cluttering it up with irrelevant information. Who I am is irrelevant. Anyone is welcome to challenge anything published here, whether it be by a third party or myself.

Sep 7th, at 4: Marc Barrett… said his time in the industry did [make him an expert in the industry]. See above for the URL. Now Oz can sue YOU for defamation, since you just accused him of lying.

If Oz used his reputation to make claims like Mr. Thus, trying to attack his reputation or history is a red herring. And that makes YOU, the unethical debater. However, one only needs to look at ONE example, from his OWN website, to find that his judgement is faulty, and thus, his reputation is clearly worthless. He tried to support his claim with his reputation, and thus, his reputation is open to examination, and what did we find in there? Sep 11th, at 4: Atlanta newspaper ponders whether Ignite is a pyramid scheme or not http: Dec 9th, at 4: It appears that Marc Barrett has some balls: Dec 18th, at 3: Dec 19th, at Questions asked in this thread are easy to forget.

I had a look at the video presentation. Consumers report that during the sales presentation with the independent marketer, they are told they will be able to receive discounted rates for travel.

According to consumers booking with RSI, the rates are not any different that what the consumer can book themselves. Why does a company want to do business without any contracts or written agreements? Dec 19th, at 2: Dec 19th, at 3: I concur that Travista Worldwide appears to be just another recruitment driven travel club niche MLM that only pays out commissions from membership fees. A Travel Club Scam. Kasey Why are they only reviewing Bon Voyage now?

I myself reviewed it over a year ago…. Dec 19th, at 7: Apparently they only reached Europe relatively recently. Seems previous efforts are mainly aimed at the US market. Dec 22nd, at Have you seen this yet? Yeah I glossed over the Empower Network a few weeks back. It appeared to be some affiliate type deal combined with blogs? Jan 12th, at 1: Bill — Oz remembered the Empower Network correctly.

A massive blog with 11k or 12k members on the same domain. Last I checked their Alexa traffic rank was at and at in the US. They are reporting great SEO ranking when blogging on their platform. I assume if there is any competition for keywords you would still need good on-page SEO and backlinking…not to just post something and expect to get ranked. They let you keep your leads, so it can be used as a front end product to market other things.

Jan 12th, at 5: Feb 18th, at 2: Empower Network is profiting on the MLM mentality: You can already find articles on there pushing everything, even Wazzub. Feb 18th, at 3: They can write whatever they want assuming it falls within the Empower Network member rules. Good to see Italy are doing something about the plague of investment schemes going around at the moment. What the hell are the US authorities doing?

Feb 18th, at 4: They tracked down several Ponzi schemes pushed from those forums, but only the really big boys got nailed. Mar 3rd, at 8: Could you please check this company investment company MacroTrade suppose to be in London cause they do not return my e-mail asking about website password to see or withdraw my money. Mar 7th, at Thanks for providing this valuable resource on MLM businesses — it has been quite an education for me!

I know that there are tons of the damned things out there at the moment, but hopefully regular readers of this blog have now got the message about them! Your undoubted talents at researching MLM opportunities deserve a wider focus. Apart from that minor niggle, keep up the good work! Mar 8th, at Regarding the onslaught of investment schemes, I myself have been wondering what to do about this for a few weeks now.

MLM Investment scams are definitely flavour of the month s at the moment and I think will remain so as long as ZR and co. One of the things I look forward to in the longterm is creating a trackable history of opportunities that have come and gone. I can wholly appreciate BehindMLM reading like a Ponzi scheme directory over the last few months or so though. Not sure what to do about it. Any further ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Mar 15th, at Mar 16th, at 8: Will get around to reviewing them eventually. Mar 29th, at Have you looked at it? Mar 29th, at 3: I am just new to your site. Mar 29th, at 8: Apr 11th, at 9: Neither are MLM companies or trying to pass themselves off as one. Both are just straight up Ponzi schemes and are marketed as such. Apr 27th, at May 4th, at 3: May 4th, at 5: I checked them when they first were introduced in the Scandinavian market in Spring , presented in a typical pyramid forum in Norway.

This happened when they were in a recruitment stage, long before they had drowned the internet with marketing. The Goldmine they claimed to have was obviously non-existing, when I checked with Google Earth and lots of other sources. But they were able to produce lots of photos from goldmines when I pointed this out. German reporters tried to check their office in Turkey around the same time, and the office was non-existent.

They had lots of signs of being a scam, but what kind of scam was hard to tell. The local leaders in Norway and Denmark were mostly known for pyramid schemes. I decided to not waste more time on them. Caglayan , Artvin, Borcka. Check some pictures of a real goldmine first. A goldmine is far more than a hole into a mountain. I laughed when they produced the first pictures of the goldmine, with trucks and workers nicely lined up in a FLAT terrain.

The price was a bit too high, too. I would certainly NOT let them take care of my money or my gold. May 4th, at 8: May 21st, at 1: I have found this forum very insightful, but filled with more speculation than facts. The vast majority of comments are from the same handful of critics; the few defenders use little factual evidence, but often instead cry hope based refutes that have become cult like talking points. Until the company can prove that bids or subscriptions are actually purchased in a viable and sustainable ratio to affiliate growth, the naysayers of Zeek express valid points, and anyone that cannot recognize this critical red flag is foolish.

May 21st, at 2: May 23rd, at May 24th, at Interesting hate mail received by PatrickPretty. May 25th, at Jun 5th, at Jul 12th, at 4: Is there any independent reviews of Banners Broker?

Jul 12th, at 6: Jul 13th, at 3: Keep up the good work. I will be looking in from time to time. Jul 19th, at 7: You guys are doing an amazing job!! You guys need more exposure to help all the poor suckers getting fooled into joining these scams!

Jul 24th, at 2: The company is Nucerity. I was also very comfortable with the MLM structure being branched out by just 2 direct recruits under myself and then needing to move down from there rather than across further, allowing for more opportunity for our entire team to work together and all benefit together. Jul 24th, at 6: Jul 30th, at 4: Jul 30th, at 8: Numbered comments is a solution when you want to tell other readers appr. It can save some crosslinks between threads when you can tell about the posts rather than link to them.

People will probably need some time before they starts to refer to comment numbers. A typical example for use will probably be something like this: I may or may not have gotten distracted with other areas of the blog since then… but I finally got around to it!

I hope to get comment guidelines and and possibly a FAQ up in August sometime. Aug 5th, at 2: A company named Profit Zone Edutech Pvt.

All mlm leaders beware from this company he will be again cheat we all. He is a fraud be careful. Aug 5th, at 7: Aug 12th, at 1: Aug 18th, at I was involved with Zeek till today and now I am moving on as I need to find some stellar company to hitch my banner to.

Aug 20th, at 2: Please tell if you have heard of it and your evaluation of it. Aug 20th, at 8: Banners Broker sbuys and sells banner places from the investors money on popular websites, and the profit is shared. Bidify is similar to zeek. The system was not bad, if the profit of the auction site was payed to the members. Aug 21st, at Aug 22nd, at Aug 22nd, at 1: Have really enjoyed all the Zeek analysis, extremely professional. I too would like you to add a Company to your list which is Visalus as I did not see any in the search bar.

Would appreciate your examination on them or if anyone has and links to proper third party reviews that would be great. Aug 22nd, at 8: Wealth4All has already been reviewed. Aug 22nd, at 9: They have a bunch of testimonials up before the scheme has even launched profitclicking. They seem obvious to a lot of people, especially if you read your website regularly, but they take in so many people that dont know any better and its very hard if not impossible to find real objective reviews, until its close to being over.

For example Banners is getting pretty huge, nothing I can find online right now that would covince someone of what it is. Couple mentions, but not enough. Thank you Oz, I do really appreciate that you added it Visalus to the list and completely understand no time guarantees.

Aug 22nd, at 2: Aug 27th, at 6: Sep 5th, at 5: Some people put e. Sep 5th, at 8: As for risk, you invest and earn a ROI. You do the math…. Sep 6th, at 6: Affiliates found to be in violation of these terms are subject to immediate termination and forfeiture of any products purchased.

Sep 6th, at 7: Paul Burks said the same thing about Zeek Ponzi. They had affiliates supposedly recite a long disclaimer at each public meeting: You need to analyze the business model itself. Sep 7th, at 2: It has been confirmed that the more members join Banner Broker though an existing person the faster the ROI becomes. Try studying their business plan Or try to get BB pitch from an existing associate.

Sep 7th, at 5: Sep 7th, at 9: Sep 10th, at Hey Oz, can you review Ambit Energy? Sep 11th, at 2: Sep 11th, at 8: Sep 11th, at 9: Sep 26th, at Just stumbled upon this site and love the candid and honest comments. Thank you for enligthening me! Sep 26th, at 1: Oct 6th, at 4: Oct 15th, at 9: I went to Seeking Alpha to review the online discussion of the topic of pyramid schemes as they may impact the stock market and the value of a stock such as Herbalife. Oct 23rd, at Oct 23rd, at 6: Nov 21st, at KB Gold had been on there for over a year and I only got around to reviewing them yesterday!

Nov 24th, at 9: Dec 8th, at 5: Jan 10th, at 1: Was out searching for me today, just like any anonymous person would, who may have met me yesterday, and quite possibly wants to call me tomorrow, once they do any due diligence! Well that might be good for them and good for me, but just because I am in business off-line and on-line does not mean I am required to, or have to help anyone who asks?

Because I am in business for myself means I determine what work I do, for who and for what! The work I do, primarily involves helping or not helping and staying within my boundaries. If I stray outside out of those boundaries, I risk losing everything today and everything before today! As far as any business, on the Internet, it is similar to glasses of clear liquid sitting on a table in front of you. There is a reason why your site is ranked within the top k on the Internet, many reasons in fact!

Keep up the excellent work! An unbiased, non-judgmental perspective is not new but rare these days, and is sometimes hard to maintain, just because facts do matter and opinion does matter!

Unfortunately many people accept the latter, without little regard to the former! Jan 10th, at Can you please do a review for Banners Broker? It looks dodgy as all hell and I need some concrete evidence to convince a family member not to get sucked in.

Jan 10th, at 2: Your actual invested money is of course instantly used to pay out liabilities to previous investors. They claim to have advertising networks blahblahblah but nobody in the industry has heard of them, and no evidence of any advertising, beyond some shoddily made websites exists.

Yet they claim to be doing hundreds of millions of dollars in business each year. Jan 10th, at 4: Probably just local rep though. Jan 22nd, at Jan 22nd, at 4: Jan 29th, at 1: Jan 29th, at 2: Feb 6th, at Saved me the trouble of going through with World Ventures. Feb 6th, at 7: Feb 11th, at Feb 13th, at 2: How aboit Juice Plus, they use people to bring people to they website and people buy from your website and you never see the money because they just give to someone in the top!

Feb 23rd, at Feb 23rd, at 1: Thanks for the enthusaism Ben! Unfortunately though BehindMLM is not accepting guest post submissions at this time.

Mar 13th, at 4: Thanks for the articles and reviews. I too would like to read your thoughts on Juice Plus as my parents have begun this Network Marketing business and I am curious about joining them. Curious about the distinction.

Moms at work post on February 13, comment regarding online purchases and pay out is only true if people do not send potential customers to a distributor site which is personalized.

I did a test order on their site and if I backed out of the order to look at the products again and then attempted to proceed with an order, then the order form no longer auto loaded my parents name as my distributor. Rather it had a question about who sent you to the site or who was your distributor…or some such.

Maybe not the best method to ensure your customers be credited to you? I have advised my parents to follow the training of processing orders of their customers from their office to get proper credit for their marketing.

Thanks again, look forward to your future assessments. Mar 25th, at Any one who knew that they are participating in a felony such as fraud , then actively attempt to conceal it such as filing false documents can be charged with misprision, a Federal crime.

District Judge William M. Wylegala, who handled the case, stated that Fuoco, who was known as Kitty, was the only employee in the offices of Gen See Capital, a business run by Richard Piccoli. In early , federal agents disrupted a massive Ponzi scheme being run by Piccoli through the business. Piccoli pleaded guilty in June and is currently serving a 20 year sentence.

Fuoco admitted that she came to realize that the business was a scam but kept working at Gen See and failed to notify authorities about the criminal activity. Apr 4th, at This is off topic … really wish you had a search function for looking up company reviews that are not listed in the navigation column. Apr 5th, at Must be my computer.

Apr 5th, at 1: Clicking on a company name there will lead to all articles sorted under that company name, a list in reverse chronological order newest first. Clicking on a company name under the headline in an article will lead to the same list. Not all companies are organised under separate names. Apr 5th, at 2: Learned a new word today: It seems misprision of a felony is a misdemeanor. Misprision is not the participation in a felony which would be a felony but knowing that a felony was taking place and not reporting it to the proper authorities.

It sounds like something that is charged when there is not enough evidence to support a conviction on the underlying felony itself. Apr 5th, at 4: I had an idea it could possibly be adblock since that affects google, and I was right.

Apr 5th, at 9: Categories, I usually create a company specific one if I find myself writing more than a few articles on the one company. Definitely a search button there, try another browser. Apr 10th, at If people applied good business sense to MLM they would have a better than average result than that of what we would call normal business. Which by the way has an equally horrendous failure rate. A curse because it also relies on the worse cognitive biases that people have, where mental tricks like compliance and other techniques can be used.

Apr 12th, at 2: AdBlock somehow killed your search bar along with that banner ad near the top. Apr 28th, at 8: Apologies over the downtime yesterday. Shortly after I published my Rippln article some injected spam code started to interfere with the sites layout nothing to do with Rippln, just a co-incidence. I spent 11 hours pulling apart the site until I found the offending code, turns out it was injected into the WP theme I use. Anyway, long story short I cleaned it up and we should be right now.

Apr 28th, at 9: Apr 30th, at 5: One of the more bizarre human behavior is how human deal with cognitive dissonance, when one suddenly have two conflicting truths, often one long-held and the other undeniable but recent discovery.

There are three ways to resolve cognitive dissonance. You believe in one, the other, or rarely, you somehow meld the two together into an amalgamated third. The abusive relationship is a common cognitive dissonance. To an outsider, if the victim suffers abuse, the victim should leave. May 15th, at 7: May 15th, at That video was actually good and informative, and most of his videos are.

He believes the monopoly money actually generated profit. It generated around 10 billion monopoly money VIP Points during the same lifetime, with around 3 billion still in the system when it was shut down. May 16th, at 1: I left him a comment or two. May 30th, at 9: May 30th, at Hey Darren, 5Linx is on my review list. Jun 1st, at 2: Gushing positive reviews can usually be found on affiliate owned websites. They are of little value information wise and usually serve a sole purpose, to get you to join the opportunity either immediately or by planting the seed.

Critical analysis requires approaching a review from all sides, and more often than not that means bringing any shortcomings in an MLM business opportunity to the forefront. Omnitrition and how they defined the MLM industry. And despite Koscot and Omnitrition cases that states very clearly they can only pay commission on RETAIL sales, not sales to affiliate, most companies pay on sales to affiliate any way. They simply assume that sales were done by the affiliates.

Jun 15th, at 7: But I feel still deserves a response. How you see BehindMLM is entirely up to you. Who said anything about journalism? Do not blindly trust anything you read on BehindMLM! If it makes sense then great, if not — have a think about why and address those concerns either via comment here or elsewhere. Do not change the subject, do not introduce strawman arguments into the discussion, do not go on tangents and do not crap on about journalistic standards and what you think they should be at least not in the company reviews , do not crap on about victimised you are, do not crap on about your perception of bias.

I only have so many hours in the day and I will make the effort to edit out irrelevant parts of comments, but if it keeps happening things start getting sent to the spam bin in their entirety. Jun 23rd, at Based in Honk Kong. I had numerous requests for this company back in last year when Zeek crashed but everything was in poorly written Chinglish so I passed on it. Jun 23rd, at 1: Jun 25th, at 2: I just read your review about World Ventures and am very impressed with how even-handed and analytic you are.

I truly appreciate this service! Jul 8th, at Could you please add Be Motivated Today to your list of opportunities to investigate? Jul 8th, at 2: RealScam have a detailed thread on it: Jul 9th, at 3: The person who contacted me about it assures me that it is MLM, has been going since and is based in South Africa.

I was just wondering if it was a real business or yet another! Jul 9th, at 6: I read it as a single level affiliate membership scheme.

If your friend can send you compenstaion plan material for the company you can verify this yourself. Jul 9th, at 8: Then it will probably be OK to join for you. Silver, Gold and Platinum are primarily about the income opportunity, but they pay very low amounts on the first 6 or 7 levels. Gold and Platinum starts to look more like a pyramid scheme. It pays out on 9 levels for Platinum: Down to level 6 or 7, it hardly pays anything at all, it will only cover your own monthly fee plus some peanuts.

Level 8 and 9 makes the potential payouts look more lucrative than they really are. You will need a huge number of people in downline to make any money here. I can probably find it if you want to write a review. Jul 10th, at 4: Thanks for the replies folks. Apparently you can sign up for a 14 day free trial, so I will probably do that and check out if it looks legit from the inside.

Jul 11th, at 5: Jul 11th, at 3: Dale was after general feedback. Jul 12th, at But that will require 65, people in downline 6 levels in addition to the 9 Platinum levels.

The compensation plan seems to cheat people, e. Details like that can be rather unmotivating. I can probably add something to the existing thread at realscam. Jul 14th, at 8: Like many years in MLM, fooling people, would give him credibility. It is obvious that that makes him biased. Jul 14th, at Aug 20th, at Is there any MLM company that I can have similar results? Aug 20th, at 1: Ultimately your due diligence is up to you.

Sep 19th, at 5: Behind Mlm helped me open up my eyes to all the lies and greed involved in most all the mlm scams out there. Now I can see through all the tactics used by promoters to empty your wallet. How good does it make you feel that you made a sale when in reality you actually are simply participating in a merry go round of pick pockets.

Oct 16th, at 4: Oct 18th, at 6: Citron Research slams NuSkin again, cites Chinese reports that NuSkin reps are making completely fraudulent claims of curing cancer, dress up as doctor to trick unwary customers, and use cult brainwashing to keep reps in line with false promises of instant riches enough to live in Dubai UAE. Citron observes that Nu Skin has become extraordinarily dependent on China for a disproportionate amount of its gross revenues, and all of its growth.

With its Mainland China sales now accounting for an extraordinary Can this revenue concentration and these growth rates be even remotely sustainable? It is illegally importing and selling unapproved products in Chinese mainland via an extensive multi-level marketing network — in gross violation of Chinese strict anti-pyramid scheme law.

It is not legal to sell unapproved and improperly labeled digestibles in China, which is an especially sore spot with the Chinese government. After 4 months of investigation and with thousands of pages of support documentation, we feel confident in claiming that USANA is running a criminal enterprise in China. We will stand by this opinion in a court of law. Oct 27th, at Got a news lead: Organo Gold rep caught using School District Work Time and Equipment to plan for pushing the stuff to his underlings in the school district.

Oct 28th, at 9: Hats off to them for doing the leg work. Nov 1st, at 2: Hi I want to draw your attestation about a company which is cheating from last 2 years to us. Most of us are from India, Pakistan, Malaysia.

Here is the latest link of that. Nov 1st, at 7: I want to draw your attestation about a company which is cheating from last 2 years to us. And looking at the website the perps are probably based offshore in anycase. Diamond Plan Daily interest: Nov 10th, at 6: How many did you spot? Nov 10th, at 7: That being said I am experienced enough to know that if your total losses are modest no one will take you on as a contingency and you will need to pay as you go.

Civil litigation is incredibly expensive. It can take many years,and there is no guarantee of success. Generally, if an attorney is not willing to take your case on a contingency your case is not worth much and you should just lick your wounds and learn from your experience. Nov 10th, at 9: COM forum start a new thread there. You will find many of the same readers there, but that forum is more specialised in how to handle different types of frauds.

It will also be easier for other readers to find your post in a forum than in a blog. We have a slightly different type of audience or a wider range of them. Nov 11th, at 1: PatrickPretty is citing news from South China Sea Post that a mass recruiting pyramid scheme company was closed in hong kong.

Searching Youtube for Interrush shows that it is a MLM modeled much like Vemma, with left and right leg, 7 sales each side completes a cycle, and so on and so forth. Welcome to the Singapore Hedge Fund Blog. This blog is published by VBK Partners. After years of secret meetings and planning, Thousand Suns is finally open for business… here are the importnant links: We will continue this blog in parallel with Thousand Suns….

The Government of Singapore Investment Corp. Industry sources say ideas being deliberated upon in the discussions include the introduction of minimum […].

Modi, chairman of Singapore-based Spice Global with interests from telecommunications to financial services, said he is in talks to buy stakes in all […]. Asia-focused hedge funds fell 0. Japan hedge funds edged up 0. The city state of Singapore punches well above its weight in the world of investment. We just launched a new Blog on renewable energy: Give it a go if you want to ramp up your green credentials Cheers.

During all the turmoil that engulfed the financial world last year, the cutbacks at the U. Singapore faces the spectre of rising long-term structural unemployment as the economy recovers from the global financial crisis. Structural unemployment occurs when the skills of workers do not meet the needs of employers.