AOTI-EA Assistant for the AOTI Indicator v1.12 beta

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Date created Price Job name. Draw on chart using csv data. On the pop up window for indicator, it should allow me to change color just I need this interface to The end time is Update Day Trader X from v5 to v6 personal job. One Entry Option, Two filter options. All files attached EA, indicator, description, pic. Should be straight forward.

Any questions let me know. Modification of an existing EA. I require someone to make a modification to the trading logic of an EA. The description of the modification I require is here: Hey, I would like a EA: If the rsi go to a value, and go to a other value ex: Writing of an Expert Advisor for Telegram. I am wondering if it is possible to have a EA that will take a telegram signal for example: Modification of Indicator personal job. MT4 Ea creation personal job. Create EA based on a indication.

Buy when the green arrow appear and close the trade when orange and red appear , Same opposite for the sell trade. Please modify indicator like this: Today I manually use sma and Ichimoku.. I get better result when i follow the trend. I began to make this EA at the numerous request of my clients, to simplify the opening of positions at the moment of appearance of the levels.

So we do not need to wait for this moment. The EA will open positions automatically. Then, the open positions will be brought to the result with the EA, according to the simplest strategy of the levels. Therefore, adding additional filters is needed for other strategies, not for the simplest strategy of the levels. In any case, I have already added something from what you asked for.

It's about the screenshot at the time the position was opened. Read the description of the new features in the next message. Unique number of the EA for each chart Magic Number - this number should be unique for each currency pair on which you install the EA.

Instead, the control panel of the EA became automatic mode. When you turn off the indicator panel and the indicator buttons, the EA panel is automatically moved to an empty space. If the indicator panel is On, the EA panel will be located on the right side of the indicator panel.

The actual version of the EA is always available at the end of the main message. Thanks for the ideas, friends. There is one more idea. Now I'll tell you about it. I use this for some of my strategies. At the next day we turn on the MassClose feature and expose the amount we need to close the loss of the previous day.

The EA will simply close all positions when their total amount in the deposit currency reaches the value set by us. And one more observation that I want to integrate into the EA. When I trade manually, this I could not do, but with the EA it is quite possible to make. I'm talking about volatile pairs. For this pair it often happens that if the price goes to the level of profit, then it often breaks it and goes further. Thank you for your question. March actually was not the most successful month for trading with the Simplest Strategy of the Levels.

Unfortunately, we do not always trade only with profit. In our trade there are losses. This is a part of the trader's life. The most important thing in trading is that in the long term we were right and had a profit. The simplest levels strategy is a very simplified strategy.

Using all the signals and features of the indicator, we can get a much better result. But even despite all the simplicity, I'm constantly working to improve the profitability of this strategy. I am an active trader and I'm using various strategies in trading. Therefore, I have always worked and will work to improve them. And I will always share with you my experience and improvements.

For example, in version 4. Now I check and other currency pairs to improve the overall score. Now about your results for these days. For two pairs I have slightly different results than you. This is certainly not a profit the price did not reach the level of profit , but also not a loss.

Please check your settings. An article on how to do this is here: Yes, you are right. There are no holy grail and i understand the EA only has limited possabilities.

Drawdown will always be around the corner. I do however have interest in our systems matching up, so we can analyze this from the same point of view. I had a slightly different opening from you, so this might be brokerrelated. Small changes, nothing special.

This one worries me a bit, I go short and you go long, and you end up with profit. So the TP and SL is the opposite for some reason. We both go short. But the EA close my position at I recommend doing the following. Open a demo account with Alpari or Roboforex for verification and comparison. It is at the quotes of these companies that I test my systems. Since during the years of a trading, I like their quality of quotes. Some brokers also have good quotes for example IC Markets, etc.

At some brokers, the difference in levels is insignificant, at some hardly more. Please refer to the same quotes flow as I do. If your broker shows the same or similar levels, then this is excellent. Otherwise, there may be some difference in the results. I attached a configuration file for the Alpari-ECN demo account. It needs to be put in the terminal 'config' folder. After restarting the terminal, you will be able to open a demo account at Alpari directly from the terminal.

One more thing i have noticed Alex, the EA has so far created 3 positions with a duration length of 10 seconds. Then closed the position again.

This is happens as soon as the "calculation of daily levels" is complete at After those positions, it opens up new ones that follow the SL and TP as it should. This could also be because im running it from the IC market broker. But i am going to compare those results as well. I find mentions of different versions 3. I am just a bit confused.