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In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Mentor Pro trading system. I will start off by stating that Forex Mentor Pro is not just a forex trading system, it is a complete forex training course with lots of different educational resources for forex trading.

Having been given a backstage pass to the members-only area of the website for my Forex Mentor Pro review, I gladly checked out many of its offerings and was favorably impressed. Yes the news helped, but I show in real time how I played it.

What is Forex Mentor Pro? Is it a Scam?

Forex Mentor Pro is something almost completely unique in the world of Foreign Exchange trading and mentoring. It is first and foremost a mentoring service and secondly a trading indicator service.

Here is a more recent forex mentorpro video review by a current member, posted in Youtube, October Since the original review they have added lots of new software, forex mentors, live training sessions and so much more so make sure to check out What they have to offer: You must be logged in to post a comment.

Forex Mentor Pro Review. We invited a retired, veteran bank forex trader, Julie Hawk, to review the site and here is her report: The priceless ability to ask these experienced forex traders and mentors questions specific to your particular situation via e-mail. A mentor blog with daily updates where they shares their forex trading tips, directional views and market observations. This is further supported by Pierre in his corner of the members only forum.

Pierre is in there every trading day offering tips, support and advice. Pierre is also joined by other long term members, turned pro traders who are more than willing to help and advise new traders. Each of the trading systems comes with step-by-step instructions on how to use them to make money trading forex. M1 focuses on trading breakouts, while M2 aims to capture high-probability market swings while still trading with the trend.

Marc now tries to trade from weekly charts wherever possible, if thats not feasible he goes down to daily charts. You are the man! Since I started using your methods, my biggest losses got away and my trades started to be much more efficient. Now I can choose only the low risks trades and I can still be in profit of more than pips made in one week. And this is just because of one person, who decided to make something life changing for other people.

I am absolutely amazed by it. You are like my life mentor. I hope, that when I will get more experienced, I could join your team. I will even pay ten times more for these services.

See you on forum! But that was before I talked to a friend that was doing forex trading for four years in the moment and who has been profiting way more than me.

I thought, that he is just a better or a luckier trader than me. But he told me, that no one is capable of watching all the trends and who is able to use all the strategies of trading at once. Even though, there is still a possibility to do that.

The point is to use the whole services of mentoring. There are many people that just want to help you and who you can follow. And later, there is no need of following, because you could learn about their methods and use them by yourself. And for what money? The fees you have to pay for it are uncomparable with the money that Forex Mentor Pro is able to help you get.

Anyone who has ever played some sport at least competitive would agree, that having a good coach could be really useful. That good tactics could outbalance the advantage in strength, skill or whatever.

And this is what Forex Mentor Pro is about. It is your coach, your mentor, maybe even your guardian angel. But nothing provides you with the same amount of informations as Forex Mentor Pro. There are a lot of e-books that contains many years of experience with forex trading, but they are written by people that are experienced and are using the terminology, that not everyone can understand without problems.

On the other hand, Forex Mentor Pro offers you these completely commented videos, that are made step by step to be understood as easily, as possible. And if you will still be not sure about something, you just need to write a personal message to someone from the support team and he will be pleased to help you. If you want to become a real profit trader, go to the Forex mentor pro website. Without their indicators, video analysis and their advices you are lost!

I was lost too before I discovered their methods, how to earn big money on forex. Now I am free. I have a lot of free time so I decided to write this small comment: You are still writing about huge profits.

But what about losses? It Is normal to be fir example But after this loss it will reach for example pips profit. Dou you need some more? Are you looking for the best mentoring services you can get? Then you can stop now, because you have just found the one. Forex mentor pro is the most effective way to earn profit in forex trades. Its costs of 1 dollar for membership activation and even less than 50 dollars as monthly fee are so much a bargain.

Guys, this is absolutely worth trying for literally everyone. And for the beginners? For them, this could be life changing. I mean, you can almost skip all the research and go right to the trading and you might still be able to earn serious profits. Education Is the key my friends: And there are even richer times. And that was only by following these services. And thanks to the educational value of the site itself, I am really looking forward to every information about currencies I will get there.

Hey, you have probably never met a guy who is just as unlucky with trading as me. In the beginning, I was doing pretty well, but then I started to trade furiously because of the fortune, I was expecting to get from it. Anyway, I was wrong. Back then, I thought, that everything is gonna be really easy for me.

These times, my family had been really scared about me. I was falling into depressions very often and I was just an inch near to quit trading and to go to find a normal and a not very well paid job. But my friend told me, that he was searching the internet and he found some mentoring programs. I found lots of interesting mentoring services, but Forex Mentoring Pro just looked as the best option for me.

No problem peeps ;-. Hi traders, I am a long-term trader, so I choose trades for example 3 or more moths. I am working as a designer so I work with computer every day. That mean that I can watch my positions, but it takes only a few minutes a day. Have a good day traders: Thanks for your advice and a wish you good luck! Hello I am from Egypt. Here in Romania is it a lot! Oh, we are sorry! There is no description of Forex Mentor Pro, yet!

Product Reviews 37 Questions 0. All Forex Mentor Pro reviews are manually approved and verified. And you know what? Try It and you will see. Thank you Forex Mentor Pro for live-changing forex mentoring! This is probably the best forex trading tool you can find over the internet.

That is why these services are something like coach Carter of forex trading for me. Yeeep M1 — M2 Top choice censured!!!!! I am absolutely recommending these mentoring services! No Forex Mentor Pro questions were found. Please submit your first question. Leave Forex Mentor Pro Review.

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