The Remington .17 HMR Model 597 controversy

Weakened him enough that he'd need to fully transform! Cause in the beginning there is a lot of sucking and blowing and in the end somebody looses a house. In stark contrast to the other Boxmore robots , Ernesto eschews theatrics and fancy special attacks in favor of simply converting to ball mode and rolling over his enemies. Check your facts, and cite a real source.

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After taking it out of the bag and examining the product I noticed that one of the shell loops was torn. Stitching on the others seems to be okay, but I wouldn't count on it to last if you frequently remove and load shells into the loops. I did install it on my stock and realized that the front end doesn't exactly conform to the more narrow end of my stock. There's still some slack present which can cause the holder to ride forward. If you want this to have a cool mall ninja security shotgun, then this will do just fine.

If you actually use your weapon, I'd advise on something a designed better and a higher quality. By Candid Reviewer Top Contributor: The Allen Company Buttstock Shotgun Shell Holder is a great, affordable, easy way to carry spare ammo on your shotgun.

The heavy duty elastic sleeve fits snugly on the shortened buttstock of my Mossberg A1. Due to the taper of the stock, the forward edge of the sleeve is visibly looser than the rest, but it looks fine and it clings securely to the stock.

I recommend pulling the sleeve on from the muzzle end, instead of stretching it on from the wider buttstock end, to avoid overstretching the material. For extra security, I removed the screw-on sling attachment from the buttstock before installing the sleeve, then I made a small hole in the sleeve with an awl and reinstalled the sling attachment. This anchors the sleeve in place so it can't slip forward on recoil. Be sure to lightly sear the hole with a flame so the sleeve material won't fray or unravel.

I bought this sleeve for two reasons: I have no idea how long this sleeve would last "in the field," but kept at home in a cabinet, I'm confident it will provide many, many years of service. And I really do like the balance of the shotgun much better after adding this sleeve and five spare shells of 00 buck. It feels much less front-heavy now. I deducted one star only because a tapered sleeve would improve the cosmetic appearance further and allow it to grip the stock more evenly.

I realize, however, that stock taper varies from one manufacturer or model to the next, and that Allen Company is striving to offer a one-size-fits-all product. It's a minor issue, and I even debated whether to deduct a star. For price and functionality, this product is hard to beat. Almost immediately the stitching ripped between two By Lee on June 3, For the most part this works.

Slides over my stock and holds shells pretty snug. Almost immediately the stitching ripped between two of the holders so I had to sew a new line to make it function again.

It was a simple fix but not something I should have to do right out of the packaging. I use it on a Mossberg with no problems. It doesn't slide back and forth at all. A camo version would be nice but once you put yellow shells in it I don't know that you're really need it at that point anyway. It is less noisy and more organized than just tossing my shells in my pocket.

By MikeyLikesIt on May 2, This shell holder fits perfectly on the small Hogue buttstock and it stays put. It would have been a little too big if it held six shells instead of five. It also looks good and keeps the gun as low profile as possible. The one drawback is it covers the sling mount. If you have a standard size stock, you could position this forward of the sling mount though it still wouldn't be ideal. But if you have a short LOP stock and need to use the sling mount, a screw-in type shotshell holder mounted on the buttstock works best IMO and that's what I ended up using.

DK, I am glad I made you laugh. To everyone, over at the daily sheeple, Israeli news reports that the Ebola patient in Dallas has died. No mention in MSM news at this time.

The Israeli source that reported it is http: Wow, I am speechless. Not sure what happened to morality in the world. Not looking good for us. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race….

If you profess to be Christian, guess what, you are part of Israel, according to the bible. Why the anti semetism? Also, Adonai chose his people, perhaps you know better than Adonai? Adonai, the ultimate prep! Christ was born and died a Jew. So shut the f-ck up with the Jew bashing.

It makes us on this site look stupid. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. Because you are such a supporter of Jews, who do not believe in Jesus Christ are you, Barncat, not a partaker of his evil deeds? I repeat Christ was born a Jew, was a Rabbi in life and died a Jew. So maybe all you senile old grannies should get a clue. Voltaire wrote a lot of pungent stuff, but was also the Howard Zinn of the age.

Reality was not his strong suit, to put it mildly. You would know this if you had read any 18th century French history at all. Google what famous people throughout history said about the jews. People like Jesus, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and many others in the last years. Of the house of Judah Jews there are many subdivisions.

In the days prior to Jesus, many infiltrated the tribe of Judah and called themselves Jews. They control government and economy. Since it is Sunday, and most people do some sort of worship or civil socializing on this day; let me give up a little word of encouragement and peace.

For a little while, even if it is just for thirty minutes, lets all put aside the things that divide us and look beyond the lines of race and religion. Take politics and worldly affairs, and liberal agendas, out of the equation and see others as human beings without their ideologies.

Let us wrap our minds with the concept that God may not always love what we do but by his grace he loves each and everyone of us the same. We are His children and He created us just the way he wanted us, and hoped we would only love Him back. I know it seems hard to do but for just thirty minutes think how He must feel as we consider the other people in the world, just as brothers and sisters, and wish we could all be at peace with each other. The feeling is like a breath of fresh air on an early spring morning.

As i leave you with these thoughts, I also leave you with the words of a sixties song that is very much relevant to our world today. So you admire Hitler. Not surprising for a someone who is so irrational. Shame your mom did not leave you in the car with the windows rolled up. Another reason why America is in decline.

Like a parasitic cancer to its host. Only Jews I know and I know quite a few are builders-up. No religious group would want to destroy the nation in which they have their being. More prosperity for all means more prosperity for them. Oh, right, I forgot the Spawn of Satan — the Moslems. But then, what with all the inbreeding that is advocated and practiced amongst them, who would expect any intelligence at all?

Obama IS A Jew? These people are sure doing harm to the country yet they do not fit your one size fits all. CFE stands for Copper Fouling Eraser and it seems to work as after 50 rounds a couple of pulls through with the bore snake with some Break Free clp on the end has the barrel shining like glass.

Will be shooting some 55 grain pills tomorrow to see how they do. The 40 grain factory loadings shot low. Works great for me. Keep looking you will find what you are looking for. I have a weatherby bolt that likes the lighter stuff as it has a 12 twist rate and a Ziess Rapid Z scope for long range work.

I might go with some kind of dot sight with this ar or maybe just keep it stock and get these open sights to become second nature.. Then move into night vision. I think someone is trolling up and down the comments and trying to stir up some shit.

And also relatively inexpensive depending on the brand. They are really loud and have a kick; but they work. I tried one Remington out for the 1st time this summer; it belongs to a friend of mine. You are right the good old is a hell of a gun. You can even load it with black powder if you wish. My wife took mine away from me and claimed it for herself, It broke my heart to have to buy a 2nd. I also shot a flat tip and round nose.

I just no that they work. As for your 7MM Mag. I believe they kick more than my Win Mag. Also the newer Remingtons are getting the barrels shot out of them. I was told this by a gunsmith who has been replacing barrels on them a lot lately. Liked the old winchester, straight pointer.

You could bring that thing up and snap shoot anything out to yards. Wanted to replace it but never happened. Never hand loaded for it but used the factory grn winchester flat points. Now that you mention it, I do remember catching part of a TV documentary that talked about Remington rifles having issues. In fact, owners were putting themselves at risk of injury due to misfires with the bolt actions.

Again, to keep things compact. Anything shorter than that, well, you know what happens to the patterns of shot. I looked at reviews of the Remington express and some owners were saying that the guns would jam. Ever see a Western Field ? It looks a lot like a Marlin The lever would hang up, but I think I solved that problem by tightening one screw on the plate of the lever. And by god, the stock of the looks to be walnut, not the cheaper wood that comes with the newer rifles.

The first deer I killed with a shotgun, it was my Remington express magnum. Buy any brand you want, but the Remington is a fine weapon. The only way I would ever get rid of it is if I had 2 more on the way. Also works well as a SHTF battle rifle with round magazines. Not saying that it is better, just similar and more flexible in what it can do.

How about muzzle flash in short barrels? Three feet of forward flash and a foot in diameter! O2,did you get a. What kind of twist on it? Having and using a new rifle is a great time! It is the cheapy, but a good platform for a newbie.

I am having fun taking it apart and putting it back together. It has a 1 in 9 twist and the reviews on them are positive. I will be building my next AR in Dang thing is sure light.. Got a smoking deal on this one tho I think I bought the bottom! I went with Rock River parts. It was pretty even in the shooting of the target as far as groups went. When it came to trigger pill the Rock won hands down. What was really nice was I had like 20 mags setting on my bench and they only had 5.

I believe the Rock River is a 2 stage,have never been able to wrap my mind I know,what mind Warchild! I have though dropped the pull down around 4lbs. The Blackout is getting rave reviews as is the Whisper. Get the Whisper and you van shoot the Blackout in it. I just read that some one just came out with a on an AR platform. Marlin used to make a great lever action with a side eject. Remington bought out Marlon company in Dec I think they stopped making lever actions, due to the lever action going out of style or less popular.

Anybody know anything more about it? There were some transition problems, but the Marl i n is still being made in. Mine will be among the very last I give up, if finances were to demand that I reduce my collection.

I also practice mag reloads and malfunction clearing during that 20 minutes. I know that live fire practice is also good, but on a limited budget with other preps to acquire, dry fire works for me. I do,though not enuff! It does keep my mind in the game when a safe spot not available to shoot,though probably not necc.

NV As a firearms instructor I tell everyone to do this at least twice a week. I tell them to act like it was the last round and reload their weapon.

I recommend snap caps when doing this. I also recommend room searches during their dry fire practice. Satori and Smokey, government is exactly like a few people I work with. They screw up everything they touch. The company may not have the permits. In the US you must have a dangerous goods training class and be fingerprinted with proper licensing to haul hazardous materials. Most likely the company was hired sight unseen because of lowest bid not because of qualifications.

Not to mention that they may not be allowed to drive through the city as it has regulations about hazardous goods routing that must be approved by the fire marshal.

In Dallas dangerous goods can only travel on the without prior approval. Since CDC claims it is not dangerous maybe they should take it down to the nearest federal building and ask them to sign for and take custody of it. Maybe the head CDC clown will take it home and let his kids sleep on it. All I know is that when someone sneezes sometimes a lot of spray results and according to the CDC that is what is dangerous mainly saliva. So then how can they say that this there is no danger of air born transmission.

Could they be lying? This is exactly what happens when politicians put other politicians in positions where they actually have to know something practical to get the job done. They simply cannot do the job and it shows. Depends oon the fan.. Tossing the Feds out of our life? Some will survive for reasons that would defy logic. This whole thing is a crap shoot; still best to plan and prep. But I have a strange feeling that something really fearsome will rise out of the ashes and destruction caused by the event.

It may or may not be human. I want everyone to have as much time as possible. I truly care about all. Do I want it to hit the fan,no. That said,unless some real positive changes enacted in this country we are at a point that hitting the fan will soon be a improvement. I have never had to kill anyone and only once thought I would be killed,am comfortable with that,really,happy to have no more experience either way,unfortunately,believe the situation in our country unfortunately is going to put me in a position were no choice but to gain more experience and hopefully survive.

Anything plugged into a long wires will be affected. Anyway the just in time delivery system is going to be our down fall. Make sure your personal electronic items are not pulled into the grid when you are not around and protect them when not being used in metal cans behrens ash cans with lids lined cardboard or bubble wrap.

I also pack my stuff in EMP bags for added protection. The more time we have the better to prepare new technologies are going to be aviable on the market this is a net gain in our preparedness , but personally I feel time is just about up. Make peace with you maker , be kind to those you love , you never know what and how this is going to pan out. Thank you so much again for your post. That bad gut feeling. I will be on heightened alert for the remainder of the year.

I always look for your post because they are helpful to everyone on here. The sane ones, which is There are some who believe that they can use the events to exact retribution, gain personal power, vindicate their beliefs, etc.

I have another trip planned around Christmas if nothing happens between now and then. Transportation is a big one. Now days, all vehicles are electronicly controlled, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, scooters, etc. You are not going anywhere without spare electronics. If you can afford it, buy an older points driven vehicle, or better yet, an older diesel. The older diesel is the best bet. In a BO situation I will leave my electronic pickup behind.

Every vehicle sitting on the side of the road is potential fuel. Good luck and keep prepping, You can never be fully prepared. Fishandmud, thanks for the tips. Needs some work but will be worth the money. You can take a cordless drill or a good fixed-blade knife and put a hole in that tank to let fuel pour out into a can. Better yet, look around for one of the old mechanical hand drills. They were a little stiff at first but after spraying them with some WD they worked like a charm.

I once saw someone take an old plastic gas tank which had a leak and drill a hole into it with a cordless drill then put another hole into it with a fixed-blade knife so I can vouch for those 2 methods. PS, make sure you have a gas can right next to where you make the hole. Bore and ring life tended to be thousand miles.

There were a lot of them who were pretty sore about it. Old Coach, I appreciate your concern; however, 1. I know this particular truck and the man who owns it very well. Engine and transmission have been replaced previously, just needs some front end work.

Every brand of vehicle has had its own issues over the last 3 decades or so. Life itself is a chance. No argument against older tech, BH.

That old flat-head was designed to run on 60 octane gas. I know, since I had to replace both of them. Previous owner stored the truck with empty tanks, and they rusted out. My 88 Silverado had a steel tank but the bottom half was protected by a thick plastic liner that the tank sat in. The 88 Chevy PU was a great truck. With a five speed 28 mpg was easy to get on the highway. Those are the handiest little tools for light work.

Sure beats getting the power drill and cord out, just grab the Yankee, select your bit, and go. Not sure where you are traveling from but if you have to go through Virginia feel free to come by and fill up. I think your estimated percentage of sane people may be a bit high there. The current world destroys people like me. A world where your abilities and not just your looks or ability to bullshit will matter.

But the older you get the less appealing that sounds as one of my mentors has said to be. You become invested, entered routine, have people you love and that love you. Some of us are just outcasts that never got that and probably never will. Just look around you. Who can you trust? Everything has to be PC and that is killing us. Russia China just waiting for their chance. Muslim radicals cutting off heads. Do I want it to happened? Is it going to happen Hell Yes!!!

You just have to know that there is a positive side to everything!!! No, most of us do not. If it does, everyone will be hurt by it, some more than others. It will be the worst experience of our lives if it happens. It will be MUCH worse for those who do not prep, however. Similarly, I do not want to get into a car wreck either but that does not keep me from buying auto insurance. Prepping is just SHTF insurance. After a long search a friend of mine bought a cabin on a remote 20 acre parcel abutting a national forest.

Stocked the cabin with two years worth of dried food for his family and much survival equipment and supplies. Came back a month later and….. The bugout retreat is a nice idea but in practice is deeply flawed. Basically, locals fear other locals. A crazy VET as a caretaker is a bonus. Meth Heads fear death, not law enforcement. Like cockroaches they also fear discovery. There are plenty of free shit army regulars in the country.

They will strip the wiring and plumbing right out of a house. Even an idiot would not steal one of those and it should send a message that I have nothing worth stealing. All preps are hidden even if they did break in. People in the country still identify others by what family they came from.

Good ones and bad ones. Their reputations last for generations. You are best served to listen to that advice. My friend — the one who lost all his supplies — knows a small group of prepping families who have actually buried a shipping container at a remote location.

For a city dweller the long distance bugout to unknown territory is mostly a fantasy. This article strayed well into fantasy when it talked about aircraft.

The aircraft in the picture, btw, is not an ultralight and is also not a type of weight shift aircraft side by side seating found anywhere in the USA. Nice file photo though.

While Observing nature, I have seen a squirrel bury a nut and run away, and another squirrel go right over and dig it up, and rebury it someplace else. So theft occurs in nature. Also squirrels must have really good noses or can remember where they bury their nuts. Like they could run right out in the middle of the yard start digging in one spot and immediately and pull up a nut up in a few seconds.

I have a few I hand feed, that come looking for me. Little do they know they are part of my emergency food chain backup preps. Also almost any and all birds can be eaten. The funny thing about those cute little critters is, they are so silly they only remember where they bury ten percent of their stash is, boy oh boy do they taste good!

They invest half their acorn nuts in future forest growth. I have seen the squirrels drop loads of nuts on my house roof then they roll off on to the ground. Later on in the day they scamper around on the ground burying them that they dropped earlier. Yep cute little critters. You could have a remote air strip and all one needs to do is toss a few logs in the middle of the runway and you have no way to land into your bug out location. Or maybe use a float plane on a big lake.

No area will be secure. The more you got the more you can loose. That Jew almost owns the world. A quick research of his empire would assure even a simpleton that his influence in the world is NOT on the wane.

His zionist tentacles are everywhere. The Communist News Network CNN influence might be on the wane; but the zionist owned media of all types will be glad to pick up any slack. Whats the difference between these Jews or Muslims raising money for their terrorist acts? All of them need to be boycotted. Get the Facts People, Parasites are amongst us. Israel gave oil-drilling rights on Syrian sovereign territory earlier this year. As the system cracks, the system will try to crack down on us harder.

Then do you notice how the Army advertises during the games, does fly overs with military aircraft propaganda and dominates the half time shows military related.

The Military hijacked sports, its a trade for recruiting their next crop of gullible suckers to fight their future illegal wars. Army sponsored Race car, etc. His political power is about to be stripped and without the political power to protect him, Larry Klayman is about to drive a wooden stake through his heart!!! Presidents are mere temporary employees of them. But, I also see what you are saying. The issue is the disproportionate representation of Jews in anti-God activities.

Gary North says this is a spurious quote see http: Now, it could be that immigration patterns account for some of this viz. The nearest I can make out is that this derives from real, practicing Jews, versus practical or actual atheist, leftist Jews think evil, destructive radical feminists like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, etc. This is the best I can reconcile what I see around me with what I read in Scripture.

Nowhere in the bible does it say the jews are the chosen. It plainly says Israel is the chosen and they are the descendents of Jacob Israel. The news are descendants of Esau Edom who God said He hated. No, the Jews are who they say they are. They are the true Jews. God has NOT replaced the Jews with the church. God still loves Israel. Israel will continue to be a nation. God still has a purpose for Israel. Jerusalem will NOT be trod upon by the gentiles. The success of Jews is due partly to habits and customs that derive from the laws of God.

German Jews in Nazi Germany were at the highest levels of science, government, and academia. Shall we believe that 80 million Germans were just an animal infestation, and that Jews were their intellectual superiors? The armed Hmongs are already waiting for you in your Wisconsin forests. The holocaust being shown as the worst thing that ever happened to humanity, while, by design, covering up the hundreds of millions of human beings killed by communists.

Somehow those people are never mentioned, like they never mattered. What the Bolshevik Jews did to Russia makes the so-called holocaust pale in comparison. Where are the monuments and celebrations marking the death of those millions killed in Russia, China, etc.? Something is terribly wrong with the version of history that we are being taught. You are surely right; the same thing is coming to America; brought to us by the new generation of Bolsheviks that have hijacked our government.

At some period in time; everyone will get to discover who the real enemies of the world are. All historical information about the lies perpetrated on us are free to all of us. You just have to care enough to let your fingers do the walking. Choose to stay ignorant of your true enemies at your and your loved ones peril.

Is it the goal of the One Worlders to wipe white people off the face of the earth. Article after article on the internet has even professors stating that white people have no place on this earth. What are they afraid of Ahab? Why are white people such a threat? Eppe and I are waiting with bated breath to hear your version of how life was originally created. Do you believe your ancestors were ooze and finally crept up out of the ocean? Please let us know; then maybe Eppe will resurface.

You are a stand up guy with opinions on everything so please enlighten us on this……….. My computer died for a while so I missed your answer. Please tell me what subject you replied in. I truly am interested in your view. Refresh my memory Old Coach. What synagogue did you say you attend?

Be a stand-up guy; we will then understand where your opinions are coming from so we can judge them accordingly. I tend not to focus on large racial or ethnic groups. Instead, I see the world as a sea of stupid people peppered with a few intelligent ones of all races.

There is no master race, only smart people and dumb people of all shapes, sizes and colors. Wealth accumulation by theft, occupation or murder is not blessed by any God, or somehow picked as the so called chosen people. You would however, by popular demand, be chosen for prison.

By the looks of the red arrows these days the fed and jew lovers are taking over. Probably being paid to try to keep the internet PC. Good luck with that you ass hats. Anybody who hates the Jews serves Satan. Their father influences them toward evil.

Just like my Father God influences me toward good. Your father is Satan only Christ has God for the Father. Through Eve you get the original sin of Cain, the offspring of Eve and Satan.

How many amongst us are free of sin? Your father is Satan but through the blood of Christ you are saved. When are you ever going to get the Word straight Barn Cat? Dna and genetics sound stupid also? All you have to do is look at the mess the world is and if you cant see the sin of greed and pride destroying our nest, you are blind. Humans are a flawed specie and without the blood of Christ we are doomed to our weakness of the flesh.

Could you imagine the sheeple trying to get a horse or a pony to move? They would go to the trouble of fitting all the bags of clothing and essentials, get onto it and start kicking it to get the poor animal to move!!!! You are better off with a Mule, or even a Donkey to get you to your bug-out location.

You can even get a few goats to haul your bug out gear to the mountains, and then eat them eventually. I have two, and between the two of them they only eat 3 lbs of sweet feed, and a bale of hay a day. They also have pasture to graze on. They are strong, shorter than average Years ago my Father started breeding shetland ponies. Thought he was crazy.

In the backstory, this trope had to be invoked. The evil "Sentients" could automatically take control of any technology more advanced than a colt revolver. Thus almost all Tenno weapons lack anything computerized or electronic, but they're no less deadly for it.

Granted, this was only true for the magic space ninjas themselves; the 'zero-tech troopers,' regular humans sent into combat with leather armor and bolt-action rifles, got the significantly shorter end of the stick.

One Finger Death Punch has very basic graphics and exactly two moves. Click left to attack to your left. Click right to attack to your right. With just two buttons, the game turns your little stick man into a Bruce Lee Clone par excellence , with more style and combat pacing than games with twenty times the budget.

Three of the Giga Wing ships employ special features such as Spread Shots , Roboteching homing missiles , and exploding mines. Ruby's ship, Carmine, on the other hand, forgoes all of that for a basic highly-concentrated linear shot. Coupled with the fastest movement speed in the game, it's well-suited for score chasers. The "ID Tech 1" 2. It generated a significant community of mod makers.

Hexen scripting allows increased complexity for maps, such as customized victory conditions, while limit-removing source ports made it very possible to program the engine for custom genres of games.

You don't necessarily need extensive programming to have fun with this engine; plenty of Doom-II-format levels are available on "Doom World" and they are star-rated so it is easy to find quality content. If you love hordes of monsters to battle, there are maps with enough of them to put Serious Sam to shame. Of all the many ways of raining destruction on foes, be it through Psynergy earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions Not only because it goes a lot faster than selecting a different command , but weapons unleash their special effects so often it's funny.

Want to drop giant swords on your enemy's heads? Jump into space and slam-dunk a miniature star on them? Described in Enter the Gungeon in the Flavor Text for Old Goldie, which is a simple, but excellently-made, shotgun in a game full of wacky and fantastic guns. The right answer isn't always a gun that shoots bees , a water gun , or a flaming hand.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple concept executed immaculately. The humble joystick and D-pad. There's a reason just about every video game controller in existence has one or both of these and a few buttons. As a more specific example, the Super NES controller: Many modern First-Person Shooter games have a deep story, tactical gameplay, and realism. Painkiller, however, went back to basics; realism is only a suggestion and the only missions are to kill all the monsters and demons in the highly varied levels.

You basic weapons, the Painkiller , and Shotgun remain effective for the entire game, and are the signature weapons of the main character. For the Super Mario Bros. You'll be doing a lot of throwing throughout the game since it's your only way to attack due to the Goomba Stomp not being an option, but nothing gets more fun than throwing enemies against other enemies or throwing vegetables, keys, and blocks at your foes.

The character plays like a regular first-person-shooter character would, with a high-powered rifle and a sprint mode, alongside an AoE healing ability and an aimbot as his ult; all in all a very generic and scattered skillset. However, his raw damage output, high accuracy, fast movement speed and healing capabilities makes him one of the most balanced characters in the game, and allows him to do almost any job fairly well. To a lesser extent, Bastion.

It is a common complaint among players that all a Bastion has to do to win the game and get Play of the Game is to sit in turret mode and hold down the left trigger Which isn't entirely wrong, really. A good Bastion will occasionally mix things up with its self-healing ability and relocate if things get too hairy, but it'll still be sitting in one spot and firing its minigun for most of the match.

Lucio is this for support characters. Lucio's healing works as an area of effect, providing a passive healing buff to all his team in the generous range.

All Lucio has to do is hang around and not die, which his high mobility is great for. In skilled hands Lucio can be a highly mobile harasser as well as a healer, and with good positioning he can instakill enemies by knocking them into pits and wall-riding on hard to reach terrain. Viktor and Tyra from Paladins are Damage Champions that are rather plain in comparison to everyone else.

Victor, much like Soldier: All in all these skills are not flashy and not very well suited to anything else. However Viktor is well suited to popping in and out of fights and scoring headshots and his ult can and will force the other team to disperse off the point while Tyra can provide covering fire and deal major damage to select targets.

Einhänder has the Cannon gunpod. Compared to other flashy gunpods such as the Vulcan, Juno , Spreader , Flash , Wasp , Hedgehog , Mosquito and such, it only fires out a single shot forwards- the most basic of attacks. It's also got a pretty solid firing rate, ammo for it is extremely common, and it deals pretty high damage, allowing the player to take out larger mooks and bosses quickly.

If the enemies are weak enough, it also penetrates them , making it good for both weak and strong enemies. In Halo , humanity in the 26th century has access to space flight and ships capable of ripping holes into an Alternate Universe in order to achieve FTL travel. With it they've colonized dozens of planets, and they've built powerful magnetic weapons and nukes capable of wiping out entire cities with ease, and developed the technology and science to create Super Soldiers. And yet, for the average soldier, the standard weaponry of a metal-slinging pistol, machine-gun, shotgun, rocket launcher assault rifle, and grenade have endured more or less unchanged and still perfectly capable of killing even some of the most horrifying alien creatures out there.

Cooking food and elixirs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most basic thing you can do in the game, yet the art of cooking can help create some of the most powerful dishes and elixirs in the game that can give Link a massive edge over his enemies. Across the entire series, the iconic cardboard box.

From Metal Gear Solid 3: The simple knife from the same game also qualifies. Grab an enemy and threaten him with it to get special information, instantly kill him, and also very handy in the boss fight against The Fury, because it rips up his suit and leaves him vulnerable to grenades and explosives.

The eponymous protagonist of Sonic the Hedgehog is known for simply running really, really fast. It looks cool and he's saved the world countless times by getting where he needs to be very quickly. In this Super Mario Bros. Instead, not only does said Goomba manage to invoke Critical Hit via Hyper Beam before being defeated, but it also turns out that Luigi preemptively caught a whole horde of them — versus Mario's now- Awesome, but Impractical focus on capturing a single Chain Chomp due to Rule of Cool.

Cue both justified Oh, Crap! Given the chance, she likes to aim at her opponent's legs and finish them with a shot to the head. In The Order of the Stick , Xykon can be surprisingly pragmatic when he decides to be serious, and his backstory is largely defined by learning how his simple sorcery can be more useful than the more complex, showy power of a wizard.

And in a pinch, style can slide. He completes the obstacle course faster than his teammates by turning around and taking the objective directly behind him — since the course is arranged in a circle, he sees no reason to go though the traps to reach the goal. Later he beats Jack Spicer in a showdown involving catching a bird — Jack gets beaten and bruised chasing it, while Clay fills his hat with seeds from nearby sunflowers to get the bird to come to him. Similar to the comics example above, Batman is able to take down another incarnation of the Injustice League by donating to a public television station said donation was made in the name of the Ultrahumanite, a big fan of the station's opera shows.

Ben 10 has Fourarms, an alien form that grants Ben Super Strength and 2 extra arms. Not very flashy, but his fighting capabilities more than make up for it. Another example is Toepick, whose sole power is having a Nightmare Face that can terrify anything that isn't blind, emotionless or Ma Vreedle she's seen worse. In stark contrast to the other Boxmore robots , Ernesto eschews theatrics and fancy special attacks in favor of simply converting to ball mode and rolling over his enemies.

For example, in order to get the wide variety of life on Earth, all you need is 'reproduction with variation'. From a single absurdly simple original replicator the existence of this original replicator is the subject of Abiogenesis , and the almost tautologically basic idea of natural selection that which reproduces better will make more copies of itself , we have a planet populated by animals that are capable of traveling to the moon, and maybe more.

Evolution doesn't need very much in order to make something amazing. These are some of the things that molecules do, given four billion years of evolution. Or any positional notation system. Ten symbols eleven if you want fractions is all you need to write any number at all, no upper limit, in a way that's incredibly easy to do sums with.

Previous systems relied on inventing new symbols every order of magnitude, and were only really useful for recording totals - just try adding up Roman numerals. Trying to multiply or divide in Roman numerals is a nightmare, while still being relatively simple with Arabic notation though not as simple as adding. All that is required to play is two teams and a small round ball, and the rules are also easy to learn: Even in the professional levels where you need much more than that, the rules and equipment required are simpler compared to most other sports.

Its relative simplicity has helped made it the world's most popular sport — so much, that its biggest event, The World Cup , is THE biggest event in the world. To some, Minimalism , less in detail, more on space. Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Tools and machines can be astonishingly simple. In fact, you can get quite a bit done with a bit of brute strength and one of the Simple Machines: Many more complex tools are also based on these as well, or combinations of them.

For everything else, you have Duct Tape and a hammer. Or, if you lost your hammer, you have a rock. Many martial arts that originated from actual fighting. Outside of a competition there's a pressing need to put down the enemy fast , and complex moves tend to leave one exposed to easier and faster attacks.

Specific martial arts and their background: Orginated from British steet-fighting style before the Queensberry Rules were introduced to stop the massacre, Boxing has only four attack moves. It is still one of the most effective forms of martial arts in existence. Developed on the battlefield Muay Thai is founded on simple techniques like the low kick and throwing elbows and knees while clinching.

It is also widely regarded as the single strongest stand-up martial art in the world and forms one of the four pillars of MMA along with the aforementioned boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While better known for it's meditative movements, Tai-Chi's signature punch is a quick, straight jab to the opponent's face. Similar in principles is Kajukenbo , created by five martial artists aiming to create something that would work into a very violent neighbourhood.

Whichever you face, your nards are not safe. Jeet Kune Do is based on simplicity; Bruce Lee, a street fighter even before starting training into martial arts, had little respect for fancy moves. Created by French and Genoese sailors fighting among each other in the streets and against pirates when at sea, Savate essentially revolves around delivering fast, accurate kicks with hard footwear, or a boxing-like punch.

In execution, it is as elegant as it is brutally effective. During the Second World War the de Havilland Mosquito was made of wood and canvas, old fashioned and low tech for the time. However whereas repairing a Spitfire took time and effort, a Mosquito could often be patched up by glue and canvas.

Despite that it was the fastest plane ever built at the time, had enough capacity to act as a bomber so much so that the British often sent it bombing Berlin by day , and if it found itself against enemy fighters it could outgun and outrun them with ease. To quote the Reichsmarschall: In I could at least fly as far as Glasgow in most of my aircraft, but not now!

It makes me furious when I see the Mosquito. I turn green and yellow with envy. The British, who can afford aluminium better than we can, knock together a beautiful wooden aircraft that every piano factory over there is building, and they give it a speed which they have now increased yet again. What do you make of that? Production had the advantage that, being made of wood, canvas, and glues, there was much less pressure on the supplies of raw materials from other war production, making it much easier to get raw materials.

It was also easier to find people already skilled in the use of the simple materials cabinet makers and carpenters, for instance, could easily learn how to make parts for the Mosquito. If not, then training for woodwork is easier and faster than training for metalwork, and also requires less sophisticated manufacturing equipment.

Paradoxically, it was not only fast and well-armed but very durable too. German cannons fire explosive shells which do not trigger properly against the Mosquito's frame - the shells just punch through without detonating.

Homes made with shipping containers. As pointed in the Boring, but Practical page, the standard container's usefulness in transport is unquestionable, but as they're designed to be sturdy and withstand abuse they make for surprisingly good accommodation.

The homes built in them don't have to be tiny or basic either, as they can be joined together and furnished just like a normal house. Just plastic, cloth weaving, and glue. So many uses that the MythBusters have claimed they could do an entire season based on it. Given that they've already done three episodes plus one segment based on duct tape, and a fourth episode with bubble-wrap as a co-star, this may not be an exaggeration.

Often paired up with WD Originally developed to prevent corrosion in nuclear missiles, it has nearly as many mundane uses as duct tape. The two products are associated with each other so much that it led to the development of a loose rule of thumb among mechanics and engineers: If it doesn't move, and it should: They don't look like much, but a serious geek can move mountains with a few commands, especially on UNIX-like systems.

A Deck of Cards. It's cheap, the possibilities for games are endless, it uses no electricity, and can be played alone or in a group. They are actually necessary; they protect your hands and makes wearing boxing gloves a lot less uncomfortable. At the same time, it looks really, really cool. Books, and in fact any writing of any kind. Provided that the individual in question was literate and took the time to write, you could hear the words of heroes, generals, and kings who died centuries before you were born.

You can learn skills that no one else in your area knows how to do, just by visiting your local library. You can, with the right text, learn anything from the scientific theories of Thomas Edison to the sword fighting strategies of Miyamoto Musashi!

As LeVar Burton would say, " Take a look, it's in a book! Twenty-six letters, arranged in the right combinations. Most classical musical instruments. The basic designs haven't changed in centuries, yet they can be combined in all sorts of ways to produce just about any kind of music you can imagine.

The instrument casing produces a resonance and amplification of the buzzing of the player's lips, with valves or slides used to alter the length of the tubing. Just find something and bang on it. Different surfaces, materials, and striking implements produce different sounds. The piano, for all its apparent complexity, is basically a set of levers which manipulate hammers into striking strings. It is relatively simple for beginners to learn, but one skilled musician can play highly sophisticated pieces that few other instruments would be capable of performing.

In short, a piece of wood with two axles of two wheels each, that can carry the user at faster speeds than walking with less energy per unit of distance exerted and can be comfortably carried around when not in use. And that's without getting into their usage in extreme sports. Any species described as a living fossil. Some of these creatures have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of millions of years.

For example, Horseshoe crabs as a whole have lived for over million years and the Atlantic horeshoe crab species has been around for half that.

By comparison this one species is significantly older than the dinosaurs and lived much longer after they died out. And its based of of something twice as old. Thrift stores in general; don't feel above shopping at them, as they can be a great place to find a wide variety of objects for a greatly reduced price, including used laptop computers if you're fast.

If a kitchen appliance has failed on you, you don't have to buy it new when a quality thrift store may carry a surprisingly good-looking used model. You can even fill your wardrobe with quality fabrics shopping here. The military wet weather poncho liner.

Affectionately called by everyone from Airmen to the Marines as the "woobie". Introduced during the Vietnam War as a liner to keep personnel warm during rain storms, they quickly found multiple uses for them in a variety of situations, from make shift sleeping bags, to camouflage drapes, to even hammocks.

When a soldier, marine, airman, etc. Two lenses that block out harmful ultraviolet rays and overall protect your eyes from extremely bright sunlight and reflected glare from shiny material like snow.

And they look cool. Human language fits this trope. Every spoken language has a surprisingly small number of components 50 sounds on average , but it can be used to convey an infinite variety of concepts. A figure with movable joints can be posed in a great number of ways that make it a very flexible item to play with or display. The feature requires no batteries, it's waterproof, it's cheap to manufacture, and lasts for a much longer period of time.

They are extremely simple machines made of low-precision, easy to manufacture cast-iron parts, so they can be produced entirely in your average machine shop with no need for special tools. They're also easy to maintain and repair, and once their head is heated enough they run for ages on pretty much anything that can burn, from automotive fuel to volatile flammable dust.

Modern engines have all but displaced them in developed countries mostly because of their massive weight and need for pre-heating , but the poorest countries in the world - where even a normal diesel is troublesome to repair - still get a lot of use out of them. Economy cars can verge into this trope thanks to the availability of "hot hatchback" and "sleeper" models. These can have higher performance than expected, yet still have a frugal inline-4 engine, so that fuel economy isn't sacrificed horribly.

The engine options may allow for a V6 which can pack a thrilling punch. The Honda Civic may fall into Boring, but Practical in base form, but the car is available with many options to appeal to numerous price points, from the basic model up to the Type-R package. As the model has been updated, Honda has enhanced the styling as well as the performance, in an effort to ditch the boring-ness of the past.

The ideal muscle car is meant to embody this trope, in the sense of being high performance yet inexpensive compared to dedicated sports cars. Many of the first muscle cars and ponycars in The '60s were simply coupes and family sedans with bigger engines installed in them; the Pontiac GTO, for instance, was originally just a package for the comparatively plain Tempest sedan, while the original Ford Mustang was built on the same platform as the compact Falcon.

They often didn't have the tight handling of Porsches or Ferraris and are thus occasionally mocked by some auto enthusiasts as " poor man's sports cars" , but they were fast. To quote Peter Henshaw in his book Muscle Cars: The Muscle Car is Charles Atlas kicking sand in the face of the 98 horsepower weakling.

Commercial companies tend to service the vehicles properly, keeping them in good condition for their age. The Ford Crown Victoria and its upscale cousins, the Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car, are generic-looking and fairly heavy sedans the lightest models weigh just over two tons , but there's a reason they were the cars of choice for American police, taxi, and limo fleets for decades, and that's because they were built like a rock and more than able to withstand constant, long-term use.

The Crown Vic was a Lightning Bruiser in the hands of police, such that Ford continued making the Police Interceptor model for another year after discontinuing the civilian models, while the discontinuation of the Town Car left many limo service operators wringing their hands at the thought of having to one day replace their cars with finicky Lexuses, Cadillacs, and Mercedes-Benzes.

Likewise, since many of them were fleet cars, and because their basic body-on-frame design made them easy to repair, used examples tend to be well-maintained. If you can find one of fair shape, it can be owned for a good bargain. Due to the sheer quantity of vehicles, spare parts are both plentiful and economical. The mechanical parts are rugged, the fuel economy is reasonable for cars of their size, and a fairly-used one can go another , miles or two.

If you have been craving an American V8 car, then this will give you a taste. Also, one parked at your home gives the illusion of police presence, scaring away many trouble-makers. However, they have had some design problems; especially be sure that your model has not been recalled for a vulnerable fuel tank that may rupture in a high-speed collision. However, the original format was built since and only phased out by with the introduction of the LT-series followed by the LS-series revisions.

Their simplicity and volume-of-production makes them affordable by V8 standards, and are a popular engine-swap for many hotrod applications.

The engines has even seen use as an engine-swap for Jeep Wranglers too, due to the engine block's reputation. The cam-in-block feature makes the engine quite compact compared with an over-head-cam , making it easier to fit into many engine bays without extensive "surgery".

Its smaller sibling from another General Motors marque, the Buick "Fireball" V6 that was iterated over the decades into the V6, made the Ward's 10 Best Engines of the 20th Century list alongside the Chevy small-block V8. The , particularly its L67 Supercharged variant, is also a common candidate for engine swaps in smaller cars like the Pontiac Fiero, and it frequently outlives the rest of the car built around it , with many examples clocking in at over , miles and still going strong.

The Inline-6 engine setup. Its main drawback is engine length, often limiting it to trucks and sports cars. Still, the I6 needs no more than two cam-shafts for Dual Over-Head Cam , is naturally balanced and needs no counter-balancing to offset negative vibrations, and many car enthusiasts enjoy the smooth, refined sound of an Inline-6 revving up. It's also less complicated than a v12 and shares a similar smoothness.

However, in spite of the engine not being loaded with horsepower HP in stock trim in the final years , the engine is a durable cast-iron block using camshaft-in-block. Keep the fluids changed when needed, and this power plant will rarely let you down.

Push-rod cam-in-block Engines, themselves can be an example of this trope , with General Motors achieving good results with the design see above on the LS V8 and V6. While power-per-liter is often spoken of as a reason for dual-overhead-cams, the push-rod engine is very space efficient, housing the camshaft in the core of the engine, and making up for fewer valves with higher displacement. This makes a push-rod engine a likely candidate for engine swaps, and their tendency for mass production from General Motors makes them very cost-effective.

The push-rod engine did have a negative image due to their symbol of the slow innovation in the US automotive industry, but their simple design helped Chrysler, Ford and General Motors keep engine costs from being too hard to swallow. The [Corvette's] engine has one camshaft and a small drive chain that's connected to the crank. Before the "Hemi" V8 began to catch up to the Dodge Viper V10, said v10 got variable valve-timing added to the engine design, showing a good future for the push-rod design.

As of , Chrysler and General Motors implement VVT into their push-rod engines more prolifically , to keep the engine format competitive, and further enhance desirability for engine swaps. It's not as flexible with the valve train as DOHC but still makes a difference. Another innovation on the horizon is a design that allows the use of 3 valves per cylinder similar to a SOHC engine that has one camshaft per cylinder bank. Motorcycles cc and below like Piaggio Vespa scooters.

Sure, they're not high speed powerhouses like the Suzuki Hayabusa, or a badass bike like a Harley-Davidson in the cc range, but they can be considered Cool Bikes in their own. They're light, can reach sufficiently fast highway speeds, are easier to handle weight being part of it, not being twitchy being the other , and are insanely efficient cc bikes can routinely achieve 80MPG, cc bikes maintain a Prius worthy 55MPG.

It could be easier to perform a cornering in these types of bikes, especially small sports bikes like Honda CBRR. The coupe utility, aka the ute, was first designed by Ford Australia in the early s after they received a letter from a farmer's wife who requested "a vehicle to go to church in on a Sunday and which can carry our pigs to market on Mondays".

The resulting "Kangaroo Chaser" as it was called when it was shown in America became a phenomenon in Australia and New Zealand, especially after Ford's competitor Holden started building its own utes in The '50s , leading to the creation of an entire class of vehicles that combined the comfort and modest size of a car with a truck bed that could be used to haul large items — a perfect vehicle for the needs of a farmer or laborer who didn't want or need a full-size pickup truck.

While they never really caught on outside Oceania the US has the Chevrolet El Camino and the Ford Ranchero as Cult Classics , but few other successful examples , they have gone on to be viewed as symbols of Aussie culture due to how they embody this trope.

The Mazda MX-5 convertible often has critical acclaim for its agile, responsive handling, top-down fun, and reasonable price point. While the engine is modestly powered, engine performance isn't really the main point of the vehicle though enthusiasts have been know to swap more powerful engines in ; this relatively low power works to the car's advantage, making this excellent beginner's car for those who want to get their feet wet in race-track driving, without going out of control easily.

Most hot sauces will have a variety of ingredients, some natural, some artificial. Tabasco, on the other hand, lists only three —red pepper, vinegar, and salt—and yet it's a mainstay at many eateries. Not only does it taste good, but it's cheap, it's a good source of fiber and protein meaning that it makes you feel full so you'll eat less , it contains several healthy vitamins and minerals, and it can decrease your risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

Many people are surprised to learn that peanut butter can actually be considered a health food because it tastes so good. Two slices of bread, with any filling you desire. Just about anything can go in a sandwich, and it creates a healthy, portable, no-silverware-needed snack or meal that can be eaten at any time of the day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Indeed, sandwiches have fed countless people, young and old, rich and poor, the world over for decades. And, with a little creativity, you can create some very interesting and tasty fillings. Suddenly your humble sandwich isn't so boring now, is it? The burger is another highly customizable spin on the sandwich, adaptable to tastes from all over the world.

Like grilled cheese sandwiches? Try the indoor grill. Fits on top of the stove without getting in the way of other cookware. You just have to plug it in, let it heat up, and then cook your stuff. Peanut butter and jelly. The simpler a sandwich is, the more awesome it is. A popular dish all over the world Latin American, India, Middle East , it is very nutritious, it's a complete protein source, cheap, easy to make and with spices, quite tasty.

Fried Rice is good way to use up left-over ingredients, with no set recipe. Common ingredients include vegetables, scrambled eggs, flavorful oil, soy sauce, and a seasoning spice.

Good results are obtained from keeping the recipe as simple as possible so that a cacophony of tastes don't overwhelm the taste buds. Have the fried rice with a side of flavored bean and enjoy your nutritious meal!

Similar to fried rice is a "Rice Pilaf". It is popular through out the Asian continent and the Middle-East, and can be assembled in a single pot to cook with little user intervention. Depending on your recipe, you sauté the vegetables to release the flavor, add your rice as well as herbs and spices, and finally add a flavor stock. Cover the vessel and check up on it occasionally to prevent scorching no stirring is needed.

Fluff the rice after the rice kernels are fully softened, and serve as an easy side-dish. Congee , which also uses leftover rice. At its basics, you just boil water and rice together along with some additional ingredients such as diced meat and veggies. A popular cold-weather dish in many Asian countries, especially for those coming down with colds. It's sweet, it makes for a good dressing for a surprisingly large array of foods, and, combined with water, can fulfill the need for mead ; unadulterated mead is simply honey fermented in water.

However, the thing that makes honey really special is that, as long as it's sealed, it doesn't spoil. If you break open a year-old sealed jar and find honey inside, you can safely eat it as if it came from the store yesterday.

The low amount of water in honey, combined with its chemical makeup, means that any bacteria in honey literally get the water sucked out of them and die. As a nice side effect, this means that honey can be applied to wounds as antibacterial disinfectant in a pinch. Be they granola, protein bars, or even the simple chocolate bar. They are affordable, easily stored, and provide a degree of nutritional value that allows a person to continue functioning for a reasonable amount of time until allowing for a more-traditional meal.

Chocolate in its pure form is also considered a food of the gods in many cultures for its excellent taste and capability to provide long-lasting energy.

Lactic acid fermentation is one of the oldest food-preservation techniques in existence. Well-known products of this are foods such as sour-cabbage, with variations as simple as Sauerkraut, and complex formulas such as the spicy Kimchi. Fermentation is very easy, making Sauerkraut as simple as washing, chopping up, and salting cabbage, and storing it inside of an air-tight jar for 4-weeks or more. Sour-cabbage is a very healthy condiment, providing many digestive benefits, and many people feel it tastes very good with many main dishes.

Pizza , an evolution of the simple flat-bread from antiquity, and popular around the world. It depends on which area of the world you are in for the preferred toppings, but there are many combinations that work for many tastes.

Numerous regions of the world have their own spin on the toppings, making "pizza around the world" an adventure of its own. One-pot Soups are quite straight forward. One example can be made simply by dicing vegetables onion, carrots, celery, for example , adding oil to a pot, sauteing the vegetables to release the flavors, optionally adding seasoned meats to saute them too, then deglazing the pot with some flavored liquid cooking wine if you desired , and finally adding a broth chicken, beef, tomato, etc to the pot.

A large batch can be prepared ahead to time to last the entire week if desired. There are numerous recipes on the web to try out. Part of why bacon is quite popular is that it's so damn simple to prepare. Just dump some strips onto a pan; since bacon is inherently full of grease it'll cook in its own juices. If you don't have access to a stove or are afraid of the vicious "spitting" that frying bacon produces, you can microwave it or cook it in the oven as well.