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À long terme, les monnaies doivent théoriquement se rapprocher des parités d'équilibre obtenues à partir de paramètres structurels reposant sur la notion de rentabilité anticipée des dépôts en fossmovies.cf agents économiques détermineront leur demande des différentes devises en fonction de la rentabilité qu'ils anticipent de dépôts dans ces devises.

A total of 29 third party and independent presidential candidates appeared on the ballot in at least one state. In the ancient Greek city of Ithaca, many impatiently await the return of their king Ulysses and his warriors from the Trojan War. Goofs Ulysses, being Greek, would have referred to the god of the sea as Poseidon, not Neptune. After winning the war, he now must endure a lengthy, ten-year journey to return and,

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Depuis , chaque année, près d’1 million de passagers choisissent Corsair, spécialiste des vols longs-courriers, pour voyager à travers les océans, découvrir de nouveaux horizons et partager des moments choisis.

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Trump made numerous controversial remarks about race and immigration , was accused of inciting violence against protestors at his rallies, [8] [9] [10] and faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct which he denied , but was also able to garner extensive free media coverage. Clinton held the lead in nearly every pre-election nationwide poll and in most swing state polls. Voters selected members of the Electoral College in each state, in most cases by "winner-takes-all" plurality ; those state electors in turn voted for a new president and vice president on December 19, He won two perennial swing states which typically decide an election, in Florida and Ohio.

Trump also won three " blue wall " stronghold states that had not gone Republican since the s: Michigan , Pennsylvania , and Wisconsin. He also won Maine's 2nd congressional district , which had also not been won by a Republican presidential candidate since Leading up to the election, a Trump victory was considered unlikely by almost all media forecasts. After his victory was assured, some commentators compared the election to President Harry S.

Truman 's victorious campaign in as one of the greatest political upsets in modern American history. In the Electoral College vote on December 19, seven electors voted against their pledged candidates: A further three electors attempted to vote against Clinton but were replaced or forced to vote again.

Trump is the fifth person in U. Clinton's popular vote win was also the largest ever margin by a candidate who lost the electoral college. On January 6, , the United States government's intelligence agencies concluded that the Russian government had interfered in the United States elections. Article Two of the United States Constitution provides that the President and Vice President of the United States must be natural-born citizens of the United States, at least 35 years old, and residents of the United States for a period of at least 14 years.

Candidates for the presidency typically seek the nomination of one of the political parties, in which case each party devises a method such as a primary election to choose the candidate the party deems best suited to run for the position. Traditionally, the primary elections are indirect elections where voters cast ballots for a slate of party delegates pledged to a particular candidate.

The party's delegates then officially nominate a candidate to run on the party's behalf. The general election in November is also an indirect election, where voters cast ballots for a slate of members of the Electoral College ; these electors in turn directly elect the President and Vice President.

President Barack Obama , a Democrat and former U. Senator from Illinois , was ineligible to seek reelection to a third term due to the restrictions of the Twenty-second Amendment ; in accordance with Section 1 of the Twentieth Amendment , his term expired at noon on January 20, The series of presidential primary elections and caucuses took place between February and June , staggered among the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.

This nominating process was also an indirect election, where voters cast ballots for a slate of delegates to a political party's nominating convention , who in turn elected their party's presidential nominee. Speculation about the campaign began almost immediately following the campaign, with New York magazine declaring the race had begun in an article published on November 8, two days after the election. With seventeen major candidates entering the race, starting with Ted Cruz on March 23, , this was the largest presidential primary field for any political party in American history.

Despite leading many polls in Iowa, Trump came in second to Cruz, after which Huckabee, Paul and Santorum withdrew due to poor performances at the ballot box.

Following a sizable victory for Trump in the New Hampshire primary , Christie, Fiorina and Gilmore abandoned the race. On March 1, , the first of four " Super Tuesday " primaries, Rubio won his first contest in Minnesota, Cruz won Alaska, Oklahoma and his home of Texas and Trump won the other seven states that voted.

Failing to gain traction, Carson suspended his campaign a few days later. Rubio suspended his campaign after losing his home state. Between March 16 and May 3, , only three candidates remained in the race: Trump, Cruz and Kasich. Cruz won the most delegates in four Western contests and in Wisconsin, keeping a credible path to denying Trump the nomination on first ballot with 1, delegates.

Trump then augmented his lead by scoring landslide victories in New York and five Northeastern states in April, followed by a decisive victory in Indiana on May 3, , securing all 57 of the state's delegates. Without any further chances of forcing a contested convention , both Cruz [35] and Kasich [36] suspended their campaigns.

Trump remained the only active candidate and was declared the presumptive Republican nominee by Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus on the evening of May 3, Major candidates were determined by the various media based on common consensus.

The following were invited to sanctioned televised debates based on their poll ratings. Trump received 14,, total votes in the primary. Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich each won at least one primary, with Trump receiving the highest number of votes and Ted Cruz receiving the second highest. Trump turned his attention towards selecting a running mate after he became the presumptive nominee on May 4, In July , it was reported that Trump had narrowed his list of possible running mates down to three: Christie, Gingrich, and Pence.

On July 14, , several major media outlets reported that Trump had selected Pence as his running mate. Trump confirmed these reports in a message on Twitter on July 15, , and formally made the announcement the following day in New York.

Senate and was the First Lady of the United States , became the first Democrat in the field to formally launch a major candidacy for the presidency with an announcement on April 12, , via a video message. On October 20, , Webb announced his withdrawal from the Democratic primaries, and explored a potential Independent run.

On February 1, , in an extremely close contest, Clinton won the Iowa caucuses by a margin of 0. After winning no delegates in Iowa, O'Malley withdrew from the presidential race that day. On March 8, despite never having a lead in the Michigan primary , Sanders won by a small margin of 1.

Over the course of May, Sanders accomplished another surprise win in the Indiana primary [] and also won in West Virginia and Oregon , while Clinton won the Guam caucus and Kentucky primary. On June 6, , the Associated Press and NBC News reported that Clinton had become the presumptive nominee after reaching the required number of delegates, including pledged delegates and superdelegates , to secure the nomination, becoming the first woman to ever clinch the presidential nomination of a major United States political party.

Clinton also won the final primary in the District of Columbia on June Although Sanders had not formally dropped out of the race, he announced on June 16, , that his main goal in the coming months would be to work with Clinton to defeat Trump in the general election. The following candidates were frequently interviewed by major broadcast networks and cable news channels, or were listed in publicly published national polls.

Lessig was invited to one forum, but withdrew when rules were changed which prevented him from participating in officially sanctioned debates. In April , the Clinton campaign began to compile a list of 15 to 20 individuals to vet for the position of running mate, even though Sanders continued to challenge Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Third party and independent candidates that have obtained more than , votes nationally and one percent of the vote in at least one state, are listed separately.

New York gubernatorial campaign. Ballot access to electoral votes with write-in: Ballot access to 84 electoral votes with write-in: In some states, Evan McMullin's running mate was listed as Nathan Johnson on the ballot rather than Mindy Finn, although Nathan Johnson was intended to only be a placeholder until an actual running mate was chosen.

Peace and Freedom [] Liberty Union Party []. Natural Law Party []. West Virginia [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []. Gary Johnson Libertarian Party campaign. Jill Stein Green Party campaign. Evan McMullin Independent campaign. Darrell Castle Constitution Party campaign. Hillary Clinton focused her candidacy on several themes, including raising middle class incomes, expanding women's rights, instituting campaign finance reform, and improving the Affordable Care Act.

In March , she laid out a detailed economic plan basing her economic philosophy on inclusive capitalism , which proposed a "clawback" which would rescind tax relief and other benefits for companies that move jobs overseas; with provision of incentives for companies that share profits with employees, communities and the environment, rather than focusing on short-term profits to increase stock value and rewarding shareholders; as well as increasing collective bargaining rights; and placing an "exit tax" on companies that move their headquarters out of America in order to pay a lower tax rate overseas.

Donald Trump's campaign drew heavily on his personal image, enhanced by his previous media exposure. The red baseball cap with the slogan emblazoned on the front became a symbol of the campaign, and has been frequently donned by Trump and his supporters.

Moreover, he has insisted that Washington is "broken" and can only be fixed by an outsider. Clinton had an uneasy, and at times adversarial relationship with the press throughout her life in public service. In contrast, Trump benefited from free media more than any other candidate. Both Clinton and Trump were seen unfavorably by the general public, and their controversial nature set the tone of the campaign.

Clinton's practice during her time as Secretary of State of using a private email address and server , in lieu of State Department servers, gained widespread public attention back in March Also, on September 9, , Clinton stated: They're racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.

On the other side, on October 7, , video and accompanying audio were released by The Washington Post in which Trump referred obscenely to women in a conversation with Billy Bush while they were preparing to film an episode of Access Hollywood. The audio was met with a reaction of disbelief and disgust from the media.

The ongoing controversy of the election made third parties attract voters' attention. Johnson responded, "And what is Aleppo? On the other hand, Green Party candidate Jill Stein stated that the Democratic and Republican parties are "two corporate parties" that have converged into one.

Putting another Clinton in the White House will fan the flames of this right-wing extremism. In response to Johnson's growing poll numbers, the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic allies increased their criticism of Johnson in September , warning that "a vote for a third party is a vote for Donald Trump" and deploying Senator Bernie Sanders Clinton's former primary rival, who supported her in the general election to win over voters who might be considering voting for Johnson or for Stein.

This is an overview of the money used in the campaign as it is reported to Federal Election Commission FEC and released in September Trump, who has frequently criticized the mainstream media , was not endorsed by the vast majority of newspapers, [] [] with the Las Vegas Review-Journal , [] The Florida Times-Union , [] and the tabloid National Enquirer his highest profile supporters.

USA Today , which had not endorsed any candidate since it was founded in , broke tradition by giving an anti-endorsement against Trump, declaring him "unfit for the presidency". Other traditionally Republican papers, including the New Hampshire Union Leader , which had endorsed the Republican nominee in every election for the last years, [] The Detroit News , which had not endorsed a non-Republican in its years, [] and the Chicago Tribune , [] endorsed Gary Johnson.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation agreed. Clapper in early January testified before a Senate committee that Russia's meddling in the presidential campaign went beyond hacking, and included disinformation and the dissemination of fake news , often promoted on social media. President-elect Trump originally called the report fabricated, [] and Wikileaks denied any involvement by Russian authorities.

The Commission on Presidential Debates CPD , a non-profit organization, hosted debates between qualifying presidential and vice-presidential candidates. According to the commission's website, to be eligible to opt to participate in the anticipated debates, " The three locations chosen to host the presidential debates, and the one location selected to host the vice presidential debate, were announced on September 23, The site of the first debate was originally designated as Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio ; however, due to rising costs and security concerns, the debate was moved to Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

On August 19, Kellyanne Conway , Trump's campaign manager confirmed that Trump would participate in a series of three debates. The nominees of the Democratic , Republican , Libertarian , Green , Constitution , Reform , and Socialism and Liberation parties, as well as independent candidate Evan McMullin , were invited to participate. The election was held on November 8, The news media and election experts were surprised twice, at Trump's winning the GOP nomination and in winning the electoral college.

English political scientist Lloyd Gruber says, "One of the major casualties of the election season has been the reputation of political science, a discipline whose practitioners had largely dismissed Donald Trump's chances of gaining the Republican nomination. Even Wisconsin , Pennsylvania , and Michigan , states that had been predicted to vote Democratic, were won by Trump. Math, calculations, candidate dislike causing voter abstention begat the numbers.

That map was bleeding red I always used to believe in [polls]. I don't believe them anymore. On November 9, , at 3: According to the authors of Shattered: Obama aide David Simas called Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook to unsuccessfully persuade Clinton to concede the election. Obama then called Clinton herself, citing the importance of continuity of government , to publicly acknowledge that Trump had won; believing that she was still unwilling to concede the president called Podesta, telling him that the election was over, but the call to Clinton had likely already persuaded her.

Six states plus a portion of Maine that Obama won in switched to Trump. These are with Electoral College votes in parentheses: Florida 29 , Pennsylvania 20 , Ohio 18 , Michigan 16 , Wisconsin 10 , Iowa 6 , and Maine's second congressional district 1.

Initially, Trump won exactly more Electoral College votes than Mitt Romney in , with two lost to faithless electors the following month. Thirty-nine states swung more Republican compared to the previous presidential election, while eleven states and the District of Columbia swung more Democratic.

Examining overall turnout in the election , University of Florida Prof. Michael McDonald estimated [] that Data scientist Azhar Hamdan, explained the paradoxes of the outcome compared Trump's 30 states against Clinton's 20 states and the District of Columbia , [] [] saying "chief among them the discrepancy between the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton won by 2. Dave Leip's Atlas of U. Retrieved February 4, For Bernie Sanders and John Kasich: Chris Suprun stated that he cast his presidential vote for John Kasich and his vice presidential vote for Carly Fiorina.

The other faithless elector in Texas, Bill Greene, cast his presidential vote for Ron Paul but cast his vice presidential vote for Mike Pence, as pledged. The exact numbers of write-in votes for Sanders have been published for three states.

In California, his official running mate was Tulsi Gabbard and in New Hampshire and Vermont there was not a running mate attached to Sanders. The table below displays the official vote tallies by each state's Electoral College voting method. The source for the results of all states is the official Federal Election Commission report. The column labeled "Margin" shows Trump's margin of victory over Clinton the margin is negative for every state the Clinton won.

A total of 29 third party and independent presidential candidates appeared on the ballot in at least one state. Independent candidate Evan McMullin , who appeared on the ballot in 11 states, received over , votes 0. Wisconsin went Republican for the first time since , while Pennsylvania and Michigan went Republican for the first time since The Clinton campaign pledged to participate in the Green Party recount efforts, while Trump backers challenged them in court.

The winner of the statewide vote gets two additional electoral votes. Red denotes states or congressional districts whose electoral votes are awarded separately won by Republican Donald Trump; blue denotes those won by Democrat Hillary Clinton. Most media outlets announced the beginning of the presidential race about twenty months prior to Election Day. Soon after the first contestants declared their candidacy, Larry Sabato listed Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, and Ohio as the seven states most likely to be contested in the general election.

After Donald Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination, many pundits felt that the major campaign locations might be different from what had originally been expected. Rust Belt states such as Pennsylvania , Wisconsin , and even Michigan were thought to be in play with Trump as the nominee, while states with large minority populations, such as Colorado and Virginia , were expected to shift towards Clinton.

According to Politico [] and the online blog, his path to victory went through states such as Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, and possibly Colorado.

Early polling indicated a closer-than-usual race in former Democratic strongholds such as Washington , Delaware , New Jersey , Connecticut , Maine for the two statewide electoral votes , and New Mexico.

Some reviews took this information as evidence of an expanded 'swing-state map'. A consensus among political pundits developed throughout the primary election season regarding swing states. Trump's primary campaign was propelled by victories in Democratic states, and his supporters often did not identify as Republican.

For example, Utah was the reddest state in , although the Republican share was boosted significantly by the candidacy of Mormon candidate Mitt Romney. Media reports indicated that both candidates planned to concentrate on Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. These generally rate the race by the likelihood for each party to win a state.

As the parameters of the race established themselves, analysts converged on a narrower list of contested states, which were relatively similar to those of recent elections. Additionally, a district from each of Maine and Nebraska were considered to be coin flips.

Clinton won states like New Mexico by less than 10 percentage points. States won by Obama in the contest , such as Ohio 18 , Iowa 6 , and Maine's second district 1 , were also won by Trump. The close result in Maine was not expected by most commentators, nor were Trump's victory of over 10 points in the second district and their disparities. After the conventions of the national parties, candidates from the main parties carried out trips to the states: Results by vote distribution among states.

The size of each state's pie chart is proportional to its number of electoral votes. Red denotes counties that went to Trump; blue denotes counties that went to Clinton. Results by county, shaded according to winning candidate's percentage of the vote Red-Purple-Blue view. United States presidential election, cartogram.

The voter survey is based on exit polls completed by 24, voters leaving voting places throughout the United States on Election Day , in addition to 4, telephone interviews with early and absentee voters. The election also represented the first time that Republicans performed better among lower-income whites than among affluent white voters. Meanwhile, Trump increased his lead with non-Hispanic white voters through 1 percent over Mitt Romney's performance, and American Indians , Alaska Natives , and Pacific Islanders shifted their support towards the Republican candidate using the same relative amount.

However, "more convincing data" [] from the polling firm Latino Decisions indicates that Clinton received a higher share of the Hispanic vote, and Trump a lower share, than the Edison exit polls showed. Various methods were used to forecast the outcome of the election.

These models mostly showed a Democratic advantage since the nominees were confirmed, and were supported by pundits and statisticians, including Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, Nate Cohn at The New York Times , and Larry Sabato from the Crystal Ball newsletter, who predicted a Democratic victory in competitive presidential races and projected consistent leads in several battleground states around the country.