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Statistics for All Levels 'opp' stats - Quality of opponents faced - have been moved and are available only as OPP_QUAL in the Statistics reports now.

Live from Steelers Camp: Mack and Donald remain the biggest defensive players holding out awaiting a better contract.

NBA recognizing the dangers of social media

Titans | Jack Conklin may play Week 4 Wed Sep 26, PM. Tennessee Titans OT Jack Conklin (knee) hopefully will be able to play in the Week 4 game, according to head coach Mike Vrabel.

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Very few -- if any -- other VPN service providers can truly honor a logless Privacy Policy the way strong vpn can because we own every component of our service. Iris eye and fingerprint scanning technology will resolve all security issues we are facing today. While fast charging is must needed thing with large batteries as it consume a lot of time in complete charging in normal circumstances. Finally now HTC 10 is available.

The phone is available for shipping at offical HTC website as well as on Amazon. The HTC M10 is expected to come at price of approx. In the recent leaks we got more accurate price estimates for next HTC phone. If you have any query or have any thought for HTC M10 then feel free to leave your comment on our fb page. This is just expected price and rumours list for upcoming HTC Smartphone.

We will update with best estimate as soon as HTC will make it official. I love your information on this phone. I want the bigger screen so the m10 plus is what would be after. If you have any specs I would really appreciate it.

Even with the M8 which i own at the moment, there was so much bad talk about the camera, yet my M8 was the go-to phone for pics especially at night, being surrounded by S5s S4s Iphone 5s etc. HTC is the best! The best phones ever. I will be getting the M10 May 6th when it comes out in stores. I was impressed by the edge design, but HTC even 2 years old phone is far more better in term of performance and flexibility.

I have a m9 and a E8, they are simply the best. And if do you use an exclusive HTC dot view cover… you be speechless. Hadthe touch and pro 2…still pro2 in original inthe closet. M7 was but the camera. Skipped m8, got m9 and the camera. True m8 is better than m9.

Speakers and Battery are both a lot better on m8 The M8 has better speakers and Battery I have the M9 should have kept my. The design at the top is the wrong direction in my opinion for the next release they have near nailed the design which only needs a few tweaks and if the full glass black tint version is what they end up shipping that is the real deal.

If they want to blow away my wife who is extremely picky about upgrading HTC will have to make the best phone experience and camera experience known to man. Instant photos with zero lag is a must, OIS and clear photos but the phone must have loud speakers for her and if stereo even more so with no distortion. To be obsessed with being the best means not cutting corners on anything. The best of the best each and every year assures sustainable success as there can only be one.

The problem with HTC is they have not found there secret sauce let it be as simple as just being the best money can buy and everything else will lead to their success.. This is all the truth they need to make adjustments and rise like the Phoenix to take the crown. The best of the best awaits all of us with a SnapDragon under the hood and engineering done right on the button size and position and tactile response makes little things mean a lot..

They have to listen to people or the sales will continue to decline. We want a great looking phone that extends our personality of classy and intelligent. I hope HTC gets to see this assessment of their product. Build two versions of the flagship and move on these changes maybe focus on drop test quality durability like the Moto X did last year and you have a life long winner.. No buttons on the screen what so ever is a absolute must. I also have the Nexus 6, currently using N developer preview as a daily driver.

Definitely looking forward to the 10, but even more so the Nexus 6 !! Glad to hear wireless recharge. And a better antenna for working in big old buildings is always appreciated. Water proof will win many over to htc. Iris scanner a must it better be lighting fast. Have stuck with HTC since inception. Now be the best on Market. I need the big screen. Great phone with the exception of the camera and inside pictures.

Rumour has it that HTC is going to drop this feature on the No other phone has this feature! You can find single speaker, good to great camera phones all over the place, but HTC had the market on the sound end! If HTC one M10 does not come with boom speakers, then i must say many of HTC fans will opt out for other phones in market, i had been looking in many forums and most of them had asked for front speakers, which is unique to HTC One.

Another reason i watched out is HTC one looking more like apple or samsung with front button, which HTC meant to be used for finger print scanner.