Overview of the Payments Industry

You will hardly find a girl that works harder than her. Auch war der Ruedi immer für ein Spässchen zu haben! This third-party entity is sometimes an arm of the acquiring bank. Not only lovely and happy guests with a daily smile:

Air Asia add POLi as fee free payment option

No major changes in Pattaya, thank God outside venues much lower volumes. We expect no major impact on tourists enjoying their vacation here in Thailand. Bars, restaurants and alcohol sales: Most bars,restaurants, shops will be open, although some may decide to stay closed until after weekend.

For places that remain open it is likely they will do so without music and may also choose not to serve alcohol, with the atmosphere understandably more subdued than normal. However, alcohol sales are permitted, with the usual rules on the sale of alcohol applying - sales permitted 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 12am. There will be no alcohol sales on Oct 16th as this is a Buddhist holiday, Wanok Phansa, the last day of lent.

All major shopping malls remain open. Many other local stores are open. Major Cineplex is open but is showing reduced screenings. Major festivities, such as Full-Moon Parties, Concerts and similar are cancelled for the next 30 days. This is preliminary information. More detailed info on local forums.

It is obvious that the Gov. Plenty of people around. Fireworks-Festival rescheduled but no longer cancelled Did not go into any venues, here the results: Most bars show sports on TV's, very few show Thai news. Relatively few guests, but Soi 7 has been like this for years. Life music venues were open, with exception of the Rock-Place opp. Eastiny-Inn, but NO music played! Overall similar as above. Many with sports on TV. All beer bars seemed open, still few guests, as early evening.

Almost all lights in general dimmed and neon off, so pretty dark and weird. Some of you might check the inside and report, I won't: Will go for a walk and an ice-cream down South and post around This is usually rush hour for hundreds of busses and total chaos..

Seen only 4 buses all the way to roundabout and very reasonable traffic. Enjoy the quiet, while it lasts. Walking Street between P Same sad streets as for many years. Even worse so, with no or very low music from the mostly open bars. Gogos open, seemed dead, with music. So was the beer-baar complex just before W. All Gogos seemed open. Some door-girls were dressed more decent, some in their regular "uniform". None of the bars, enclosed or open seemed very busy.

Traffic was quite OK, a good low-season night. WOW, felt weird, never seen that in years, no busses in the area, neither. Overall we could say a first-timer might not even realize things are a bit different.

Just like the "last-few year-comers" will never realize how much fun it used to be here years ago. In Remembrance of Bruce Lee Lancaster. But please don't spend too much,really too much sometimes. Thanks all so much! From Klaus' S-Africa trip Sorry, as I don't drink , on the beer, I have to trust my friends. The place is always busy, but usually you get a table within 10 minutes or so.

You are warned, it is NOT a quiet place! But plenty of action to have. Who could possibly hunt for this wild beauty?? We will be very happy, once we can officially announce streaming TV! We have now just been upgraded for our main fiber-account to !! We were the first place with Fiber-Optic line in Pattaya! This allover Pattaya, if not Thailand. Officials recommend adding 1 hr.

Read your embassies advise-page. Especially antibiotics, antifungals etc. You might well screw up your vacation. Consequences are as bad as back home or worse! We won't bail you out! We know most drivers for years. We have monthly bill and cheating is not possible, no extra highway fees, car switches halfway etc. Read up or talk with your experienced buddies! Always a fun afternoon!

Don't drink and drive! For places that remain open it is likely will do so without music and may also choose not to serve alcohol, with the atmosphere understandably more subdued than normal. Many local stores are open.

Thanks for the photo P. New flood defenses for gr. Easy and friendly service. Thank you for beeing civilized and don't be afraid to ask taxis-drivers etc. Always smiling and super-friendly. We love to have him with us. They make up for the few sour-faces: I feel Welcome with you.

Thank you for staying with us. Best value for money! Very nice of you! Only Michael's nerves suffered, nobody else harmed: We know why we are stressing this point! Couple of forms, 45 minutes in Jomtien, cost 1' Baht total. As of begin of Sept. Huge choice and well structured site. No need for panic or worse On days of pest control in D. Plenty of articles in the press. So, take it easy and enjoy the tropics: Wir wuenschen Dir alles Gute und baldige Genesung.

Now there is the hint. Already all the Estate now with all-digital TV channels! First you update your skills: Know how to drive a bike?

Your Oasis in Central-Patts. No package or tour-group tourists in Diana-Estate! From a few days to a few months Will take a while Missing that familiar "search": Officials are putting up signs along Pattaya beaches. No fake discounts or promos! Friendly staff and very reliable. Greetings from our Swiss-Gang: There is better things to do You are missed by all of us, Lee. In accordance with Lee's wishes, there will be a simple Bye..

Please meet around Good one, the boss checked it: We upgrade the system as often as possible. We won't get into this If there is a real problem, we usually know within a very short time and start working to fix it asap. FYI, most devices don't even support ac yet and we still have guests with 10 year old laptops and 1st. Oasis will be closed from This guy is fantastic. Now there is a simple solution with an add-on. Off-season has much more choice and availability. Funeral arrangements will be announced in due-time.

Pattaya cloudy, BUT dry! Next step is total redo of all ceilings incl. Does not get any better than that. Thank you for your patronage. Every year many unsuspecting tourists drown. If in doubt stay at the pool. Meeting someone new would be like getting a new phone. Phuket advises to allow 1 hr. Who knows Thailand, also knows this can not be changed. Let's enjoy the good things There must be a reason that we all are here and keep coming back: This might end now The monsoon trough lies across the North and the upper Northeast to the low pressure cell in upper Vietnam.

Increasing rain over Thailand with isolated heavy rain is likely in the North, the Northeast, the East and the South. This policy has worked out well But why not quit why you are on vacation Meow with her new Bodyguard Manfred from Deutschland: We are always upgrading for our guests!

Here a brief video what you missed Typically overused here is i. Food poisoning occurs usually within a few hours after eating. Oasis in perfect location without need for car or bike Well, it has just been re-opened after a 2 yr. HERE an older summary You might very much regret it down the road Try it for a late night snack or dinner around sunset on the sea!

Watch out for sunburn, so better get there after Always worth a trip Dispose of it safely Anyway, our increases are always minimal. We will have to adjust our rest. We will always be the best value, pl. She will make a note on your file and it helps us helping you, in case of an emergency. Quite a few people are doing this when they stay with us.

We will meet again. Don't abuse the system and apply "Net-Etiquette" for shared systems. We might just keep doing that next year, too Reliable like a Swiss watch. BTW, made in Switzerland Hardly any rain and ideal to get the full attention in bars etc. Vouchers are personal and not transferable. If there are any warning flags, you take the report to the Dr.

Fantastic service we like to share with you all. New Granite and soon new layout. So far we have been lucky this year in Pattaya. Rain remains over Thailand. The low pressure cell covers upper Vietnam. The tropical storm will move to southern part of China. It is expected to over in the North and the Northeast cause more rain with isolated heavy rain in the North, the Northeast, the Central, the East and the South include Bangkok Metropolis and Vicinity.

All ships in the Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf of Thailand should proceed with caution. Drop us an email. Less crowded than high-season Meow loves Swiss Grueyere and Rahmtilsiter, better believe it The picture below just in from upcountry What an educated bunch of beautiful dogs!!!

We are testing various ways to connect to choose the easiest and best for our guests. I suggest go there around We can order to your address or pay you here. Thank you very much. Do NOT rent jet-skies And he lived happily ever after: Rosarin for further info or viewing. Seems all this land used to be "under water" and was drained during development about 30 years back.

We apologize for parking inconvenience, which will be for about 10 days, incl. This affects also garbage pick-up. When we are done the eyesore garbage area will have improved a lot, too.

The front of the tower with ongoing repairs in between the large sewage tanks. Redoing garbage area with proper slope and drain to end the daily mess in the parking area, after all this is Will keep you up-to-date: Not a concrete jungle with rooftop-jacuzzi: Daily Fresh Caramel-Flan only 85 Baht. Now the poor elephants please!!!! You get results same day by email, with recommendations. Please send us a short mail. You will see improvements within weeks, if you really challenge yourself!

Best dinner in many months. But mostly we can accommodate short-term booking inquiries during the slower months. Pattaya has plenty of pest, just walk along Beach Rd. We do massive pest-control and need your support to be successful.

Low-season is the time of maintaining and repairing all systems. We are improving gardens and cleaning out drains and water-tanks. Our main project at this time is a total complicated rewire and digitization of the TV system. Once done, all ceilings will properly redone, fitted with access traps and painted. A pleasant and clean place benefits every single person.

Sends us a mail, if you do know! We understand WIFI is a big factor for guests. We don't know of any place offering that kind of speed to their guests.

Speed is another constant subject. Plenty of bandwidth for everybody. At least do it in style Chanya our favorite dentist! Literally dozens of friends and guests use him every year. Meow can get you an appointment No job too big or too small. We give out tips to avoid you having to go trough bad experiences first Bit too much of that fatty PP food: Haven't you just left???? The girls will be happy Any problems, we will do our best to fix them asap.

Pattaya back to "normal" tomorrow Got lucky this time and M. Oasis closed for once from Not even mentioning other excesses and hundreds of deaths on the roads every year! Not exactly a nice holiday treat. We are talking a certain kind of foreigners: We gladly give it a try.

Why not in Pattaya: Schoene Ferien in Snukiville: Try it at least once! Reports on Thai News warn of 24 hrs. Right now Oasis is still online with our load balanced back-up system and still good speeds!

It has been exactly 1 yr. Sometimes it helps to share. I am sure the ones I am talking about know Fastest full remodel ever. DO NOT wear gold and be careful with handbags or such. But there are many great and cheap gyms allover Pattaya. We have cases of "blood-poisoning" every year.

Most problems are user-caused. DO NOT feed cats or pigeons. Even better, quit before that bloody C strikes. As a non-smoker, ironically! Thai culture loves to party and could care less about us being used to Most our studios are already equipped with digital boxes or LED's Sonmgkran chaos these days! Let them catch their own food They are on our payroll Wir hoffen Du hattest eine gute Reise nach Wien.

Sollen wir ihn in unserem Koffer-Stauraum aufbewahren, bist Du wiederkommst?? Anywhere where people who can't sleep that night Call if you have a location and it goes on after midnight, but expect little action. Certain Hepatitis-C strains i. This especially among elderly and smokers. Do NOT buy antibiotics over the counter and self-treat. Avoid the North for the time being! Immer ein absoluter Genuss! Or let them call and ask to send help.

You can always ask anybody, such as as Meow or front-desk to alarm us. This is just so sad, may he rest in peace! By no means feed pigeons. They are a pest! Next one coming soon. People who prefer privacy and are happy with the condotel type lifestyle. It just won't happen. Please tip the driver Baht: We are very good customers of that company and we inform them about bad drivers.

Don't ever pay a taxi in advance, unless at the official booth! Do not pay them! We totally avoid vans. Hoffentlich gefaellt es Euch bei uns: No need for brand-wares.

See our project further back. We don't want cash or solicit! Some kids are totally blind, some partially. Very sad sight, hundreds of them. Many check-points and drastic punishments. Don't spend your holiday in jail. Use only roped off areas. Google, if you think we are exaggerating! Chanya is always very friendly, very fair and an excellent dentist.

On top of that Dr. A lovely large condo. Cold as in 25 C in Pattaya: We want you to come back and spread the word. Protect yourself with Mosquito-Spray to avoid dengue-fever. Great flight deals out there! Buddhist Zeremonie in Ruedi's Studio um Man darf frueher kommen. Not only lovely and happy guests with a daily smile: Thank you so much.

We will meet again Send us some UFO with a message: DO NOT self-treat, unless you know exactly what you are doing. Go see a Dr. Give it a try. Prices for green-fees dropping soon again: We owe you one or two: We suggest you incorporate your great ideas in your own business here in Thailand.

We wish you best of luck, doing better than Oasis: Guess we must be doing something right. Along the same lines If you demand 6 towels per day etc. Really to trivial to explain reasons: The writer knows too well about this subject. We are constantly upgrading major cost and daily on top of things: Top of the line, over-sized!

Good hearted people, indeed. Oasis already well booked for that period. We are also busy during off-season, so better early than late. We are happy to have you with us: Book now, as we are usually booked very early. Pattaya rather quiet for high-season.

Now is the time to make bookings for next year! Both studios are over-sized and completely redone from head to toe! Inquire by email please, but don't be late! More Super Premiums coming You will love it!!!!!!!!!!!! A reasonably accurate description for first-timers and NO need to speak Khmer! Most, especially younger Cambodians speak quite good E. Off-season is still very busy yr. Pattaya Beach as seen from 1st. Pattaya Beach looking North anno Floating market BKK anno !!!

Luxury condo for 2 friends or family. Best value in town always Oasis. Everybody gets the same published rates. Check out our Super-Premiums. This one was caught in Naklua. Thank you Mike Baird for the smiles: This has become tradition with Oasis. Every last Fri in the month. Rarely a guest is not happy or had different expectations. Certainly a good development Anything not right, please let us know. Write to her or book with her personally Oasis. Many of you ask what the digging means??? But doing this in such a way at the start of high season?????

Disinfect them regularly and cover with band aid. Well, they better hurry Book early, we are always heavily booked. Check "Pictures" for more Meow can arrange your reliable pick-up from 1' The dangerous form of Hemorrhagic Dengue is rare. I went through it twice without any treatment. Don't treat a suspected flu with joint paints, headaches etc.

Don't use painkillers that thin your blood like Aspirin, Ibuprofen etc. Pay up and walk away. Many of them have told us various horror-stories.

Here the "newest" scam Manila airport. Plenty of affordable fun Should be online by end of December. Guest-House on Soi Bouakao without any services!

Hospitals can get VERY! You might end up with some worthless Chinese copy or worse. Clever pocket thieves on baht buses. Best value for good food. Shopped daily fresh for you! No sandals or shorts please: Also daily or monthly! Antibiotic resistance is prevalant and let the Dr. We have some serious cases every year! Please respect her and her staff. Best deal in town Slafiiphos ' What is that fly that keeps buzzing around me '?

Reply ' No, but you sure got that fly fooled! Nobody in his right mind wants to live in 18 C, while in the tropics. The air-con has a thermostat and keeps the set temperature,the air will not blow any colder or warmer. Never mind, at least they did this in an amazing 3 days!!!! Next big rain will turn this rd.

Oasis busy and lots of our regulars back with us! We will follow that story, as we have warned for years We got 2 great pools and plenty of "jungle". No cancellation fees, ever! Watch the second link video!!! Tourists must be made aware of this! Every year worse, due to Indonesian fires! Several cases on the islands! Thank you very much! Good music, good crowd. They are busy from We are confronted with that problem often, but in D.

They still got smiles on their faces, escaping the cold Not a bad lifestyle The best of both worlds Annoyed when your Google page jumps to Thai etc. Not even talking about countries further down. Even after a lousy day Occasionally we find them in the gardens, too.

Don't ever buy a condo off-plan or based on high return promises!!!! It is quite simple. Unlike current tourist visas, which offer from one to three entries, the six-month multiple-entry visa will allow unlimited border crossings during the validity period. However, to prevent foreigners from basically living in Thailand on tourist visas, each entry will be limited to 60 days.

The new multiple-entry visa will cost 5, Baht. With visa-policies often changing over night, always double check accuracy, so you won't run into any surprises during your vacations. Extra large, Extra Modern! Please leave your towels in the room, so the maid can exchange them. Damaged towels reluctantly must be charged at our discounted price on the owners behalf.

Beach towels can bought for a few Baht on the street and make a nice souvenir. He is a Schokostaengeli addict: So hand them to Meow or him, or they are gone Just do the math. Nothing fancy or expensive. The market sells some great stuff. Toys, Stuffed animals not too big pl. We don't want cash!!! New, access to our Estate by boat, for guests coming from the islands! Rosarin inspects our extra large pool 1!!! Don't rent jet-skies in Thailand, ever!!!!!! Amphibious car, made in Thailand!!!

Direct access to the gulf of Siam from our waterfront-property. No wonder real-estate is so expensive on Soi Bouakao! But storm has moved on Make us smile, will you Waiting out the rain. NO, we stay outside Rosmarie, die Retterin in der Not: Rosmarie to the rescue!!! This is the info the companies are giving us! Worst floods ever in Pattaya with tropical storm.

We are here for YOU! No damage to our gr. Surgeries can fast run into 's K's. Just had a guest going for a routine problem to BL Public hospital yesterday He went at 9. We understand that some of our guests are living in countries with Gov. Do not assume it is the same in another country.

Plenty of storage, inch!!! TV and all the goodies Click on pictures to enlarge Better off with a taxi, Meow can provide if you don't want to deal with the rip-offs at the airport! Erawan Bombing, more suspects in custody. Ideal for longer stays. Erawan Bombing, suspect in custody. Then refer to the instructions HERE , they are simple and correct.

Only then will it work! Don't let other instructions confuse you. We are often booked a yr. C-Block studios, which were completely redone, will be 25' Once in a while we can even see a little python. Please leave them alone or inform staff if one needs to be removed. The many accidents just another reason on top of animal rights! Great info, great comparisons: Bitte immer direkt an Meow, sonst sind die weg As we are very very busy, bookings can happen very fast. Hope to have you back soon.

I've stayed in many hotels etc. Hope to see you again soon hopefully at the end of next year on a permanent basis , Love and best wishes, Richard. You will love it! Bring 2 ATM- or Credit-cards. Leave 1 in the safe as back-up! Really no need to go to BKK Come see us in Pattaya instead. But still good for a good beachfront experience. These studios will be great! Great place with a girl or any of the other genders that roam Pattaya's streets.

Great for us guests. This just happens once in a while, sorry! Respect red-flagged no-swim zones, always! Inform yourself about jellyfish. Several deadly incidents with box-jellyfish lately.! Ongoing major scam for many years.

Indians main victims these days. We will logically fix them asap, which is not always easy. It is hardly their fault So things might improve, as they have constantly done so over the years. And what it seems already booked well, write us anyway for potential openings. Just ask if available See you Friday BBQ? C-Block upgrades on track.

A large, modern and brand new condo for less than a good hotel-room! Pictures up within the week. TIT and this will happen once in a while, despite supervision and training. Thai Pros know this! We are happy to void your bill or replace your meal, if something goes wrong. There are now mandatory jail terms!!! You will regret if you don't. Wir wuenschen Euch schoene Tage auf Kosamui.

You will like them even more! We want our guests to be happy and return. Ideal for a small family or 2 friends. Cheaper than any comparable hotel deal. Book early, as we are often fully booked! If you feel he is over-tired, drunk or on drugs, get out of the car!!! Your credit-card not accepted? Products offered not available? TIT - This is Thailand.

Try to keep your calm. They are certified and accredited by Swiss Embassy, too. All details HERE , scroll down And this was a young, strong guy: Look the picture first This happened to an Englishman in France who was totally drunk. The French policeman stops his car and asks the gentleman if he has been drinking. With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married in the morning to a French man and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception and quite a few glasses of single malt there after.

Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to alcotest breath test him and asks the Englishman if he knows under French Law why he is going to be arrested. The Englishman answers with humor; "No sir, I do not! But while we're asking questions, do you know that this is a British car and my wife is driving T now has a brand-new 50" Flat-screen, new fridge and more.

Accidents can happen and all our guests are straightforward and correct. About time the world starts applying pressure. All our C-Block studios fully upgarded by end of September.

Don't spoil your vacation! Schoen, dass Ihr bei uns seit. This is a different approach to how their competitors provide competitive rates. And also different to a large competitor of theirs, TransferWise, who use peer to peer technology. If you compare currency exchange rates provided by InstaReM with what you get through most banks, you will notice that this company fares considerably better. You get real-time interbank rates when you transfer money using InstaReM, and you find out what rate will apply on your transfer when you initiate the process.

You will not receive interbank rates if you initiate your transfer outside business hours or on holidays. There are no existing InstaReM coupons although you may benefit in other ways.

The 1st Transfer Bonus, for instance, adds to your transfer amount when you send money for the first time. You also stand to earn cash rewards when people you refer to this company use its services to send money overseas.

You may register with InstaReM online and the entire process takes no more than a few minutes. You may also sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

Once you submit the initial application, the company sends you an email with details about you need to do next. It verifies your identity before activating your account. You may start sending money using the InstaReM online platform once the company verifies your credentials. Once that is done you receive a confirmation email and you may track your transfer online at any time. On Trustpilot , InstaReM averages at 8.

The company provides customer support over the phone, via chat, and via email. InstaReM also replies to customers who comment on Trust Pilot. This demonstrates that they are monitoring positive and negative reviews and responding to help improve customer experience.

However, support is available only during business hours. You may reach its client services team from 9am to Contact details for InstaReM are provided in the table below. As with other reliable InstaReM reviews, this one has addressed the pros and cons of this company, while highlighting key aspects such as cost and speed. Whether this company is right for you or not is a question you need to answer on your own, and hopefully, this InstaReM money transfer review has given you all the information you need to make a decision.

Before you decide, consider taking some time to compare this company with its competition, because you might just find a better alternative. Singapore-based InstaReM gives individuals and business from Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore an easy and cost-effective way to send money to more than 25 countries.

The company provides competitive exchange rates and follows an easy-to-understand fee structure. It has the required licenses to operate as an overseas money transfer service provider. Founded in , the origin of InstaReM has a personal story at its core.

Factors that were cause of bother included unfavorable exchange rates and extended turnaround times. This FinTech overseas money transfer specialist is headquartered in Singapore, and it has the required licenses to operate in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The company provides competitive exchange rates and charges nominal fees for all transfers. It does not provide hedging tools such as forward contracts or market orders yet. If you plan to use the services of this company, it is in your best interest to read this InstaReM money transfer review till the end. We can see that you are currently based in the Philippines. Are you sending from one of those countries to the Philippines?

If not, then you might want to look at an InstaReM alternative that is suitable for your source and destination country sending requirements.

To answer your question, InstaReM aim to have the required regulatory compliance done within 24 hours of sending in request documents. InstaRem do make it easy by leveraging some cool ID verification tech. I would say, avoid instarem if you can. I had such a horrible experience with their team in Singapore. They ask you to take picture with ID card and upload and in majority of the cases it gets rejected not once but twice say things are not visible. When you question them, they reject profile without providing reasons.

They avoid answers and if you question the more you will find their IQ is so low that you will feel like should you really have this conversation with them.

Forget about transferring money, crossing the verification process is a nightmare. Sometimes you feel that in order to save 5 bucks should you have to go through this pain. Thank you for you comment. We will be reaching out to InstaReM for comment on their compliance process. Good experience with InstaReM. Sign up was easy, got good rates and received more money than expected. InstaReM is one of the best when it comes to sending money from India to Australia.

Sending money to Australia from India via banks has multiple challenges such as a series of approval and authorizations from multiple authorities, the time taken for approvals, extended delays and the most frustrating part are the high transfer fees, opaque FX rates and unknown charges.

As for the charges, all you pay is a small flat fee of 0. Had a great experience with InstaReM. Great rates and no hidden charges. Keep up the good work, guys!